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Experience the Nordhavn 63One of the strengths of the Nordhavn vessel lineup is that it can take existing popular and excellent yacht platforms, and improve on them either incrementally or with more sweeping changes. The Nordhavn 63 is a great example of how Nordhavn continues to build on its successes. In the case of the Nordhavn 63, this vessel is built atop the top notch Nordhavn 55 base. This particular platform has become well-known for a number of reasons. For instance, the Nordhavn 55 is prized for its ability to perform exceedingly well as an ocean-going vessel while still offering its passengers the comfort of a well-designed interior space. This is what owners and passengers have come to appreciate about the Nordhavn 55, and it explains why yacht lovers gravitate to this particular platform.

Given the strengths of the Nordhavn 55 platform, the company has gone ahead and taken the hull design a step further, in order to please those customers who are looking for even more room. The Nordhavn 63 has similarities to the Nordhavn 60 in this regard. Both of them offer additional space over the Nordhavn 55 platform. When it comes to looks, however, the Nordhavn 63 borrows more from its immediate predecessor, the Nordhavn 62. In fact, the Nordhavn 63 offers owners the chance to have something similar to the 62, in the event that their slip width constraints prevent them from choosing the 62. So in this sense, the narrower eighteen-foot beam of the Nordhavn 63 can become a compelling advantage.

When it comes to the increased room and improved accommodations of the Nordhavn 63, a number of things stand out. First of all, major changes have been made to the engine room and deck of this newer model. This results in even more available room within these areas. For instance, it means that additional crew quarters have been made available close to the door of the engine room, where in the past, there was merely a simple utility space.

The level of comfort and luxury on this vessel has also been elevated. Changes to the guest stateroom have made it more spacious and more well-lit. The materials used in the cockpit area have also received an upgrade. One of the standard inclusions in the Nordhavn 63 is beautiful cherry wood finishing, something that is sure to captivate pilot and passenger alike.

Appliances are similarly beautiful while remaining functional. There are a number of Subzero appliances onboard, such as 700 Series refrigerators. A separate freezer in the utility area, along with the Subzero freezer, help to ensure adequate food storage even in the event of longer cruises. Other appliances include a stainless steel stove from GE and an oven. The beauty of the interior is even further elevated through the use of granite surfaces for the counters. As far as the type of granite pattern is concerned, customers can choose from a wide variety of colors and looks. The luxury continues into the main saloon area, where there is abundant and elegant seating for passengers to enjoy.

As far as the cabins are concerned, these are also well-appointed and well-designed. The master cabin, in particular, is spacious and designed to admit much fresh air and light. The master head is just as comfortable to use, and as pleasing to the eye. The guest cabin is not left out and is similarly comfortable, having a walk around bed and abundant storage space inside.
The Nordhavn 63 makes use of a wheelhouse that offers a similar look and feel as the Nordhavn 62. There is excellent visibility from said wheelhouse while still remaining in a well-protected position. The convenience of the crew is increased thanks to the location of a cabin space located close to the helm. Comfort is also aided by the inclusion of a shower and head facilities nearby.

When it comes to power, the Nordhavn 63 makes use of a John Deere engine capable of producing 225 horsepower. This engine is kept at the ideal temperature thanks to a keel cooler system. As far as fuel is concerned, the Nordhavn 63 comes with five tanks in all. Four of these are regular tanks while the fifth is made of aluminum and used as a day tank. This means that the tanks together can handle up to 2,500 gallons of fuel, giving this vessel a range in excess of 3,000 nautical miles.

Clearly, the Nordhavn 63 offers a compelling mix of power, distance, luxury, space and comfort. It’s no wonder this particular model is so popular, and it is only expected that demand for this version will grow.

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