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Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc. has certainly explored their boundaries in terms of the design of their fishing yachts. After the launch of N56 Motorsailer and N75 Expedition Yacht Fisher, they have come up with another design with a taste of modernity. This is the Nordhavn 78 which is surely to have the attention of every angler who wish for a sleek design and topnotch performance.

Nordhavn 78 For Sale Your Specialists of Used Nordhavn 78 Yachts

This brand new design is sure to satisfy any boatman, especially those who already have experienced the reliability and the European-inspired designs of the previous Nordhavn models. With the Nordhavn 78, however, those who particularly enjoy a more contemporary look with their yacht would be much more contented. Nevertheless, one can still enjoy the modern taste of the new model while being able to retain the vibe of sailing away in a traditional Nordhavn.

Details of the Nordhavn 78


This used Nordhavn 78 boasts of a lot of features that anglers, regardless of being a newbie or an expert in the field, will enjoy. Its chief designer Jeff Leishman has made sure to incorporate a modern air in the traditional design of the Nordhavn series.
·      The fly bridge of the boat is adorned with outdoor living facilities great for entertaining guests.
·      The foredeck and the cockpit are also designed in a manner that is also accommodating to guests.
·      The crew is properly separated from the passengers by way of an appropriately designed engine room.
·      Comes with powerful twin engines, which can help you cross the ocean at approximately 3,000+ miles. It also has a very high fuel efficiency.



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