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Nordhavn 72 For Sale

Nordhavn 72 for Sale: Where Dreams Set Sail

Goals to create a small superyacht were surpassed with the Nordhavn 72, a truly spectacular vessel. The beauty, luxurious elegance, finish, fit, systems, and engineering of the N72 are testaments to supreme workmanship. This yacht took the already world-renowned Nordhavn line to the next level.

Details of the  Nordhavn 72 Yacht

The essential fundamentals that make Nordhavn a solitary standout are in place in the Nordhavn 72. It is also brimming with the finest touches, including:

  • Exquisite woodwork
  • Crown moldings
  • Leather
  • Expertly engineered lighting
  • Granite
  • Soffets
  • Top-quality appliances

This used Nordhavn 72 yacht offers no regular options list because the features that come standard are fully complete. The abundant list of standard features includes: Chilled water air conditioning, wing engine, TRAC stabilizers, dry exhaust and bow and stern thrusters.

Sophistication has attained a whole new level with this Used Nordhavn 72 Yacht. Standard AC and DC electrical systems that are highly developed make it possible for a small crew or one couple to handle semi-automatic operation of this super yacht.


This used Nordhavn 72 is available with several major options, as follows:

  • A single John Deere 6135AFM main engine in the 500 hp configuration with a life expectancy of 25,000 hours is the standard propulsion configuration for the Nordhavn 72.
  • Nordhavn also offers a twin engine configuration for the N72. Keel molds are built during the tooling phase for the twin engine layout. Prior to lamination, the twin engine configuration can be inserted into the main hull mold.
  • A buyer can also opt to have a conventional bow or a bulbous bow. They are interchangeable. There has been controversy in recent years over the pros and cons of bulbous bows, and the experts at Nordhavn or Yacht Tech, Inc. will be happy to discuss these options to help you decide on the bow configuration you want.

Refined Ergonomics and More

There is no need for a buyer to be stressed about anything when purchasing a Nordhavn 72. As far as timing for completion, an established production schedule is maintained by a highly skilled team of experts who have worked together for three decades. Scheduled completion dates are typically met either exactly or within a few weeks, at most. Performance, engineering and systems are proven, robust and well-developed. With the right timing, you can add customizations with décor, features and other components. All N72s offer luxury, smoothness and minimized noise levels. Fit and finish are replete with a feel of refined ergonomics. In addition, resale value of N72s is excellent.

Yacht Tech, Inc. offers specialized brokerage services to help you successfully buy or sell your used Nordhavn 72 Yacht. Our highly trained experts are thoroughly familiar with Nordhavns, from the inside out. Contact us at Yacht Tech today by calling 561-776-5848.

Yacht Tech can provide you brokerage solutions to sell your Used Nordhavn at a fair price.

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