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The Nordhavn 40 for sale is one of the few vessels with the attributes suited to transporting a small party of two plus guests around the world in comfort and with economy. Her best features can also be utilized if the owners plan more for coastal cruising. This is a boat that looks serious of purpose, and she is. No matter how fierce a tempest the Nordhavn 40 encounters, captain and crew can remain confident of making it through to complete the journey. Her stoutness of personality is a reflection of a design that was inspired by commercial fishing ships in the deepest oceans. This used Nordhavn yacht has a romantic allure to a wide range of sailors, from those with vast ocean experience to skillful power boaters and beginners pursuing the joys of yachting.

Nordhavn 40 For Sale

More Details About the Used Nordhavn 40 For Sale

Pacific Asian Enterprises (PAE) spent three years in the development of the Nordhavn 40, which is the fleet’s smallest ocean-crossing motor vessel. In spite of her modest size, she has an impressive non-stop cruising range and a 900-gallon fuel capacity. When tested in generally calm conditions, for instance, the fully stabilized Nordhavn 40 traveled 2,458 nautical miles at 7 knots.

When traveling in rough conditions on heavy head seas. This used Nordhavn 40 Yacht delivers an extraordinarily smooth, dry ride. The high bow, which provides exceptional buoyancy, has much to do with the gentle motions in boisterous waters. She has a forefoot of moderate depth. Steering is sure for the helmsman with the vessel’s large, protected rudder and long keel.


The materials and details of interior construction are pure luxury on this used Nordhavn 40. There is a spacious feel, with generous overhead clearances and passageway dimensions. The wheelhouse perhaps sets her apart from other coastal cruisers more than anything else. It is commercial-like and provides a panoramic view of the surrounding horizon and full view of the ship. The captain also has comfortable access to navigation equipment, controls and instruments. The forward-facing windows are 3/8” thick.

The space design of this used Nordhavn 40 Yacht is innovative and further evidence of high-quality workmanship. The overall interior volume is comparable to many vessels in the range of 45 to 50 feet. Throughout, there are satin-finished teak cabinets and a myriad of other fine, yet robust details. The Nordhavn 40 is unquestionably among the world’s finest yachts.

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