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A boat designed and built for heavy-duty use, the Nordhavn 47 for sale is no longer in production. It is still, however, available through brokerage services, including Yacht Tech, Inc. Extensive experience in passage making that preceded the N47 in P.A.E.’s evolution proved to be of tremendous benefit. This is a safe, comfortable oceangoing used yacht that is easily representative of the best, as far as market value.

Nordhavn 47 For Sale

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The Nordhavn 47 set records, including the fact that there were 22 sight-unseen orders at the start. In P.A.E.’s remarkable history, the N47 was the most successful new product launch. After the yacht hit the waters, orders poured in, also in great numbers. When Nordhavn 47 was released, it was a reflection of such changes as interior space planning, construction details, and hull form.

Although a 47-foot yacht, the N47 looks very large because of her broad beam and high bow. Sixty-foot trawlers are minified beside her. The design of the Nordhavn 47 is reminiscent of fishing trawlers on the West Coast, able to punch through the most challenging head seas. Her buoyancy is abundant, which gives the most inexperienced captains a confidence boost. The machinery is commercial grade, the hardware is heavy-duty, and the construction is rugged. Owners of a Nordhavn 47 can comfortably and safely travel anywhere in their extraordinary yacht.

The stabilizing systems are a reflection of what Nordhavn has achieved as a premier powerboat builder. Roll is significantly reduced with the use of the passive paravane system, the active 7.5-foot fins, or both. As a result, the crew is immensely more comfortable than they would be without the features. All that is needed to have the benefit of active stabilizers is to flip a switch. In addition to being more economical, another benefit of the passive system is that it can be used when at anchor.


The Nordhavn 47 has a range of about 3,000 nautical miles, when cruising efficiently at a pace of 8 to 9 knots. Self-sufficient cruising is possible for weeks, as the stout ship displaces 85,000 lbs and is capable of carrying all the fuel, water, and stores necessary.

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