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Nordhavn 50 for Sale: Embark on Your Nautical Journey

The Nordhavn 50, at its launch, became a new standard in long-range cruising yachts. Though the boat is no longer in production, used N50s yachts are available for purchase through brokers, such as Yacht Tech, Inc. The yacht is a fusion of modern design, remarkable performance, and passage-making ability. The Nordhavn 50 for sale is capable of safely cruising across any of the world’s oceans, while the owners enjoy luxurious accommodations at sea.

Nordhavn 50 For Sale


There are various layouts of the Nordhavn 50, which gives buyers options that suit their specific needs. For example, there is an asymmetrical wide-body version of the main saloon and a standard version. The former provides more spaciousness.

The pilothouse of this used Nordhavn 50 Yacht properly fulfills all of the required functions of an all-weather command center, which is a focal point for navigation, maneuvering, operations oversight, and communications. Windows made of ½” tempered glass provide protection from the weather.

Used Nordhavn 50 For Sale – A Handcrafted Yacht

When you choose a Nordhavn 50, you benefit from the visionary designs of Jeff Leishman and team as well as the masterful workmanship of Pacific Asian Enterprises (P.A.E.). Flawlessly polished molds are used for every Nordhavn yacht, all of which are hand-fabricated and possess superior strength that prevents possible leakage. The yachts are seamless structures with full displacement design. For top performance, weight is not a requirement.

This used Nordhavn 50 Yacht, like every Nordhavn yacht, is engineered to last more than a lifetime. The systems used as well as individual components are all chosen based on proven reliability and performance. There is no proving ground more challenging than rough waters in the midst of an ocean, and the Nordhavn 50, like all Nordhavn Yachts, withstands the test.

There are no vibrations, rattles, flexes, or shakes on a Nordhavn yacht. Sound insulation is given particular attention, with impressive results. A quiet 70 dB is the noise level in the master stateroom, when the door of the adjoining engine room is secured. Masterful details are integrally molded on deck, including hardware bases, hatch bosses, and quick-draining waterways.

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