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At the time N46 was released, its design broke styling and marketing rules. It is no longer in production, but Yacht Tech, Inc. and other yacht brokers still have Used Nordhavn 46 Trawler Boat for sale. In addition, the trawler’s reputation as a modern classic lives on. When N46 was created, light, speedy powerboats were all the rage. But speed boaters and sailors alike wanted to enjoy an oceangoing vessel capable of sailing and using engine power. This is the market Nordhavn 46 captured, and the response from boat lovers around the world who wanted the convenience.

Nordhavn 46 For Sale – A Unique Trawler YachtNordhavn 46 For Sale Used Nordhavn 46 Yacht Specialists'

Nothing on the market was comparable to the Nordhavn 46 when it was released, due to a combination of luxury, the economy of operation, and offshore capability. The P.A.E. team added innovative refinements by the hundreds during the yacht’s more than ten years of production.
The levels of convenience and comfort on the Nordhavn 46 Trawler Boat have been continuously improved as details of various interior layout features were finessed. Performance and reliability were enhanced as superior systems were developed and engineered. Some of the improvements made on the N46 follow:

  • New mufflers that ensure reduced noise
  • Upgraded insulation materials in the engine room
  • New design of engine air intakes that also help to keep things quieter
  • At all speeds, the rides are quieter as a result of fine-tuning of prop specifications
  • The electrical system went through a series of upgrades
  • Fully tinned, marine grade wire is used for all wiring
  • An AC/DC distribution panel that has been custom-designed to be easy to see has been installed in the wheelhouse
  • The battery banks charging system is now foolproof
  • It became standard that the Nordhavn 46 included a heavy-duty inverter system

For all of these reasons and for every other detail on the yacht, the trawler has been highly popular among cruisers.

Delivers on Promises

Nordhavn 46 has experienced acceptance among boaters that suggest it is a timeless classic. It’s believed that the Nordhavn 46 has made more ocean crossings and circumnavigations than any other sail, power, or production boat.

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