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At the time N46 was released, its design broke styling and marketing rules. It is no longer in production, but Yacht Tech, Inc. and other yacht brokers still have Used Nordhavn 46 Trawler Boat for sale. In addition, the trawler’s reputation as a modern classic lives on. When N46 was created, light, speedy powerboats were all the rage. But speed boaters and sailors alike wanted to enjoy an oceangoing vessel capable of sailing and using engine power. This is the market Nordhavn 46 captured, and the response from boat lovers around the world who wanted the convenience.

Step Aboard the Exquisite Nordhavn 46
Nordhavn 46 For Sale'

Nothing on the market was comparable to the Nordhavn 46 when it was released, due to a combination of luxury, the economy of operation, and offshore capability. The P.A.E. team added innovative refinements by the hundreds during the yacht’s more than ten years of production.
The levels of convenience and comfort on the Nordhavn 46 Trawler Boat have been continuously improved as details of various interior layout features were finessed. Performance and reliability were enhanced as superior systems were developed and engineered. Some of the improvements made on the N46 follow:

  • New mufflers that ensure reduced noise
  • Upgraded insulation materials in the engine room
  • New design of engine air intakes that also help to keep things quieter
  • At all speeds, the rides are quieter as a result of fine-tuning of prop specifications
  • The electrical system went through a series of upgrades
  • Fully tinned, marine grade wire is used for all wiring
  • An AC/DC distribution panel that has been custom-designed to be easy to see has been installed in the wheelhouse
  • The battery banks charging system is now foolproof
  • It became standard that the Nordhavn 46 included a heavy-duty inverter system

For all of these reasons and for every other detail on the yacht, the trawler has been highly popular among cruisers.

Delivers on Promises

Nordhavn 46 has experienced acceptance among boaters that suggest it is a timeless classic. It’s believed that the Nordhavn 46 has made more ocean crossings and circumnavigations than any other sail, power, or production boat.

Below, we outline our process to guide you through acquiring your dream yacht

  • Initial Inquiry:

Contact our sales team via email, phone, or our website to express your interest in the Nordhavn 46 for sale. Provide us with your contact information and any specific requirements you may have for your future yacht.

  • Personalized Consultation:

Our expert sales representatives will schedule a personalized consultation to discuss your needs, preferences, and budget. We’ll help you determine if the Nordhavn 46 is the right fit or suggest alternative options if needed.

  • Yacht Presentation:

We will provide you with detailed information on the Nordhavn 46, including specifications, features, pricing, and customization options. We’ll also share high-resolution images and virtual tours to help you visualize your dream yacht.

  • Financing and Insurance:

If you require assistance with financing or insurance, our team will connect you with our network of trusted partners who specialize in yacht financing and insurance solutions.

  • Yacht Inspection:

Schedule a visit to inspect the Nordhavn 46 in person. Our team will accompany you to ensure all your questions are answered and guide you through the yacht’s features and systems.

  • Sea Trial:

Experience the Nordhavn 46 firsthand with a sea trial. This on-water experience will provide you with a better understanding of the yacht’s performance, handling, and comfort.

  • Purchase Agreement:

Once you’re ready to proceed, we’ll draft a purchase agreement outlining the terms of the sale, including price, payment schedule, and any customizations or upgrades you’ve requested.

  • Customization and Upgrades:

If you’ve requested any customizations or upgrades, our team will work closely with the manufacturer to ensure your specifications are met, and provide you with regular updates on the progress.

  • Final Inspection and Acceptance:

Upon completion of any customizations, upgrades, or repairs, you’ll have the opportunity to conduct a final inspection of the yacht to ensure everything is to your satisfaction.

  • Closing and Delivery:

After all inspections and paperwork are completed, we’ll finalize the sale and assist with the delivery of your Nordhavn 46 to your desired location.

  • Post-Sale Support:

Yacht Tech Inc. is dedicated to providing ongoing support to our clients. We’ll be available to assist with any questions, maintenance, or additional services you may require throughout your yacht ownership journey.

Here are some unique reasons to choose Yacht Tech Inc. for your yacht needs:

Personalized Service:
At Yacht Tech Inc., we prioritize understanding your specific requirements and preferences to offer tailored solutions that cater to your unique yachting needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and personalized attention throughout the entire yacht purchasing process.

Expertise and Experience:
Our team has a wealth of experience in the yachting industry, ensuring that we can provide knowledgeable guidance on yacht selection, customization, maintenance, and more. Our expertise spans various yacht brands, sizes, and styles, allowing us to find the perfect match for your needs.

Comprehensive Yacht Inventory:
We offer a diverse range of yacht options, from luxurious motor yachts to performance sailboats and catamarans. Our comprehensive inventory ensures that you’ll find a yacht that aligns with your preferences, budget, and lifestyle.

Customization and Upgrades:
Yacht Tech Inc. collaborates with top manufacturers and designers to provide an extensive array of customization and upgrade options. Our team will work closely with you to create a yacht that truly reflects your individual style and requirements.

Global Network:
Our strong global network allows us to source yachts from various locations and connect you with trusted partners for financing, insurance, and other yacht-related services. This ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience throughout the yacht purchasing process.

After-Sales Support:
Yacht Tech Inc. is committed to providing ongoing support to our clients even after the sale. Our post-sale services include maintenance, repairs, crew placement, and concierge services, ensuring a worry-free yacht ownership experience.

Sustainability Commitment:
We understand the importance of preserving our oceans for future generations. Yacht Tech Inc. is committed to promoting sustainable yachting practices, including offering eco-friendly yacht options and advising clients on how to minimize their environmental impact.

Exclusive Events and Networking Opportunities:
As a Yacht Tech Inc. client, you’ll have access to exclusive events, including boat shows, yacht showcases, and networking opportunities with other yacht enthusiasts. These events allow you to stay informed about the latest industry trends and developments and foster connections within the yachting community.


Q: How do I maintain my yacht after purchase?

A: Regular maintenance is essential for preserving your yacht’s value and performance. Our team can guide you on proper yacht maintenance practices and connect you with qualified professionals for routine service and repairs.

Q: Do you offer yacht management services?

A: Yes, we provide comprehensive yacht management services, including crew placement, maintenance coordination, and operational support, allowing you to enjoy your yacht without the hassle of day-to-day management.

Q: How do I learn about upcoming yachting events and industry news?

A: As a Yacht Tech Inc. client, you’ll receive regular updates on exclusive events, boat shows, and the latest industry news, keeping you informed and connected within the yachting community.

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