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Must-have rigging equipment and fishing features that come standard on tournament sportfishers have been incorporated into the Nordhavn 75 Expedition Yachtfisher. The craft has all of the proven qualities as in the long-range luxury expedition yachts of the Nordhavn line. This is a used yacht capable of traveling wherever in the world the fish are calling while providing a comfortable, four-star luxury ride.

Nordhavn 75 EYF For Sale

Nordhavn 75 EYF: Exceptional Yachting Excellence for Sale

At cruising speed, the Detroit Series 60 diesel engine on the Nordhavn 75 EYF for sale burns fuel at about 12 to 15 gallons per hour. This is a mere drop in the bucket compared to huge noisemakers that guzzle 100 to 200 gallons of diesel or more every hour. Fuel capacity on the Nordhavn 75 EYF is 17,185.8 Liters or 4,540 US gallons. When cruising at a forced slower running speed due to rough sea conditions, the Nordhavn 75 EYF is safer than other sportfishers, which typically have small rudders. Even in stormy waters, a comfortable ride can be enjoyed, thanks to the yacht’s standard stabilizers. A new Nordhavn standard feature permitted by the 22’ 4” beam is twin engines; a single screw isn’t an option.

A superb alternative for much more expensive, high-speed vessels, Nordhavn has created a luxurious yacht for avid trawlers that delivers quiet comfort, remarkable efficiency and the capability of traveling to premier fishing spots anywhere in the world.

Weight Advantages

There are even more weighty benefits to the N75 EYF, as compared to the usual sportfishing yachts. Although you are able to enjoy all of the luxury of well-appointed furnishings and equipment that go along with living the high life on Nordhavn’s yachtfisher, there is no weight penalty. The full displacement hull makes it feasible to have everything you may want on a fishing excursion that can go on for months, as opposed to hours. Load up the jet skis, dive equipment and more; and enjoy such weighty amenities as granite countertops, as well.


The buyer has their choice of Ultraleather or fabric of equal value for cushions throughout the yacht. The N75 EYF is a semi-custom boat so more aspects of interior design can be chosen to suit the buyer’s lifestyle and personal tastes. As can be depended upon with all yachts in the Nordhavn line, every detail throughout is high quality and hard-wearing.

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