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Nordhavn 120 for Sale: A New Era of Yachting Luxury

There is tremendous appeal in making the ocean your home and the entire world your playground, particularly if you are fortunate enough to cruise on your own Nordhavn 120. This superyacht, an incredible achievement in engineering and optimum design is sizeable and sturdy and at the same time sleek and stunning. As many as eight guests can join a pair of owners to indulge in the lavishness and capaciousness of the N120.

Nordhavn 120 For Sale

Features of the Nordhavn 120 Yacht

There are four decks on this used Nordhavn 120. In addition, there are four spacious king-sized guest suites. The owners’ retreat is utterly alluring, giving the N120 the feel of a private luxury cruise ship. Each customer can fully customize the interior, choosing from among the finest hardwoods and finishes. Owners typically hire a professional designer to achieve the precise level of refinement desired in furnishings, color schemes, and more; and Nordhavn works closely with designers to incorporate chosen features.


Although owners and guests aboard the Nordhavn 120 can revel in the personalized luxury of this superyacht, her true beauty is in her capability of handling the seas. With regards to wave period, the waterline length of this used Nordhavn 120 is ideal ensuring that lengthy oceanic expeditions are comfortable.

The Nordhavn 120 is a world-class yacht, but not by coincidence. This used Nordhavn 120 was designed and created with a combination of imagination, talent and experience at the very highest level possible by any production manufacturer. Nordhavn’s solid foundation of revolutionary design and gradually recognized yacht-building prowess is on full display with the Nordhavn 120, which is an ABS-certified yacht. Nordhavn clearly demonstrates vision and commitment to the future, while staying true to their roots.

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