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Nordhavn Europe has been around boats all my life and bought my first boat with money from my paper round at the age of 12, became the youngest member of the United Kingdom Auxiliary Coast Guard at age16 and joined the (British) Royal Navy at age 17 (engineering and electrical) I have owned many boats both motor and sail over the years, covered many miles at sea. I bought my first Nordhavn, N62 Tesla in February 2008 and cruised very happily with her for the next 8 years on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of Canada, the USA, Central America, the Caribbean and Bahamas. I kept a blog during this time teslaadventures.blogspot.com

But life moves on and I decided to continue the adventure back in Europe and purchase one of the last N47s built and use her to cruise the mediterranean. Being a part of YachtTech Europe continues this theme of being on the water around like minded people, helping buyers and sellers of Nordhavn ocean going boats.

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