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Top Picks: Nordhavn 35 for Sale

No longer in production, used Nordhavn 35 is for sale through yacht brokers such as Yacht Tech Inc. The owner profile for the 35 is a couple downsizing from a larger power yacht or switching from a sailboat. Nordhavn 35 owners are accustomed to the best of everything, and they appreciate luxury. It may seem the market for a 35-foot yacht costing in the neighborhood of $400,000 would be practically nonexistent, but that has not been the case. Whether a new or a resale on an N35, new owners tend to procure them quickly.

Nordhavn 35 For Sale


The 35 was carefully designed and handcrafted to meet a number of specific requests from Nordhavn owners. The yacht falls into a niche market few builders can afford to explore. She was not built with a price point in mind and yet was both designed and outfitted with most high quality, in-demand features. The Nordhavn 35 fulfilled the following items and more on a discerning customer wish list:

  • Protected steering and cockpit
  • One stateroom
  • Faster speed capability
  • Stowage option for ship’s tender that is out of sight but easy to access
  • Stout enough to handle sea conditions in any coastal passage, no matter how rough

Couples appreciate that the equipment decisions for the Nordhavn 35 were invariably based on what is ideal for two people. The selection of what brand to choose for all applicable components of the yacht was, without fail, based on ensuring that the buyers would feel no need to make upgrades. For example, Cantalupi lighting on N35 is an obvious display of luxury. In less obvious places, every detail communicates extravagance. Indeed, no strainer is needed for the top-brand shower sump pump. Quality is apparent, no matter where you look.

More Features of the Nordhavn 35 Yacht

The pilothouse has unobstructed visibility through Diamond Sea/Glaze windows that could practically stop a bullet. Attention to both small details and the big picture is evident on the electric panel, which has digital display meters.
This used Nordhavn 35 has such amenities as a handy chart table that folds down, making it easy and convenient to scan charts. For seafarers with an extensive collection of guidebooks and charts, there are two deep navigation chart drawers.

Unexpected Amenities

Many of the owners of Nordhavn 35 have literally ‘complained’ that they had too much room for storage, which tempted them to pack more than was needed. Also, the air conditioning was too cold! Owners have appreciated the knee rolls on the seat bottoms of comfortable angled seat backs.

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