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The Nordhavn 40 or N40 has been designed to take people across the globe in a comfortable and economical manner. The N40 is strong, attractive and rugged. Read More

Nordhavn Yachts For Sale


Jeff Leishman, a naval architect of the Pacific Asian Enterprises, launched the Nordhavn 43 in 1999. From such time, many boating enthusiasts have taken notice of his incredible work. Read More

Nordhavn Yachts For Sale


The Nordhavn 52 has captivated the attention of many people because of its generous size. To offer enthusiasts with something even better, PAE introduced the Nordhavn 52 or N52. Read More


Pacific Asian Enterprises or PAE has spent the last 15 years in developing the Nordhavn line for offshore passagemaker trawlers. The N56MS has the same passagemaking prowess Nordhavn yachts are famous for plus modest offshore sailing capabilities. Read More


This particular version of the Coastal Pilot comes fitted with a semi-displacement hull, as opposed to the full-displacement hulls seen in other models. Read More


One of the advantages of purchasing a newer model is that the customer is able to take advantage of more recent improvements to design and construction. Read More


One of the strengths of the Nordhavn vessel lineup is that it can take existing popular and excellent yacht platforms, and improve on them either incrementally or with more sweeping changes, like with the N63. Read More


After Nordhvn 55 was introduced, closely following the launching of the recent 43, 47 and 72, the company Pacific Asian Enterprises (PAE) kept on strengthening its pioneering reputation in providing full-displacement, long-range passagemakers with the Nordhvn 64. Read More


If you know Nordhavn 62, a lively, seaworthy, aft pilothouse yacht with high capability, luxury and extreme comfort, then Nordhavn 68 should not be that new to you, since she picks up where her sister N62 left off. Read More


For several years, we at PAE had listened to the requests coming from enthusiasts of Nordhavn, including existing owners who wanted to see us build a vessel, which is larger than our 62. The N72 fits that bill, and more. Read More


Nordhavn always does what it does best, that is, building a wide array of luxury expedition yachts and incorporating all of the necessary fishing features as well as the must-have rigging equipment. The Nordhavn 75 Expedition Yachtfisher has all of the proven qualities as in the long-range luxury expedition yachts of the Nordhavn line. Read More


The Nordhavn 76 or N76 is a northwest trawler–type boat that was created for yacht enthusiasts who need a majestic aft pilothouse vessel that carries its own shore boats. Read More


Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc. has certainly explored their boundaries in terms of the design of their fishing yachts. After the launch of N56 Motorsailer and N75 Expedition, they have come up with another design with a taste of modernity. The N78. Read More


Pacific Asian Enterprises has once again outdone themselves in creating a one-of-a-kind model Nordhavn yacht. They have achieved solid entry into the megayacht industry with the Nordhavn 86. Read More


If you are an ardent boating fan, then you will have definitely heard about Nordhavn and its huge boat line-up composed of small trawler boats, larger cruisers and megayachts. Yacht enthusiasts looking for a boat styled like cruisers in the megayacht category need look no further than the brilliant Nordhavn 96. Read More


For those who love large masses of water and desire to make their home therein, the new Nordhavn 120 is ideal for you. With her advanced engineering and optimum design, this vessell is sizeable and sturdy and at the same time sleek and stunning. Read More

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