A New Market Venture for Nordhavn

Nordhavn Boats – A New Era

Nordhavn Boats and Trawlers | Listings at Yacht Tech Inc.A New Market Venture for Nordhavn

With the latest acquisition of N86 and N120, Nordhavn have entered a new market platform of mega-yacht and super-yacht. The initial order for an N86 came in 2005, and the number of orders rose considerably such that in the early 2011, Nordhavn was working on Hull No. 9 of the N86. Concurrently, the construction of Hull No. 1 of the N120 was underway during the same year.

Mega-yacht and super-yacht should be capable of cruising across the ocean in utmost safety and comfort. Fortunately, Nordhavn have had an extensive experience in building smaller vessels for private owner who have travelled around the globe. This experience significantly shortened the learning the learning curve for Nordhavn when it ventured in super-yacht and mega-yacht market. Nordhavn possessed the capacity and skills necessary for yacht building. Their crew was eager to venture into the new scope and because of the dedication and commitment, Nordhavn created a niche in the super-yacht and mega-yacht market in less than five years. Indeed, Nordhavn is a leading builder of the big vessels and its name renowned for ocean vessels building.

Nordhavn principle objectives are commitment to safety and comfort, value in quality of every vessel component and believe in doing perfect work despite the cost involved. It has maintained these objectives since it began building N40 op to N120.


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