The Excellence of Nordhavn Accommodations

yachttech_sliced_7Accommodations are a key aspect of any seagoing vessel. As far as Nordhavn yachts are concerned, people know that they can expect fine craftsmanship and beautiful design. This is something that P.A.E. has been providing since its Mason sailing craft, and this attention to detail was also carried over to their Nordhavn yachts. For instance, the joiner work that can be found in Nordhavn vessels is top notch and is superior to that of their competitors. Owners of Nordhavn yachts also know that the materials used in the yacht, particularly the wood, are also of superior quality. Finally, even a cursory glance at the kind of fit and finish possessed by these yachts will show that Nordhavn produces vessels comparable to the most expensive and luxurious yachts out there.

Yacht enthusiasts will also be glad to note that this level of quality carries over to the newer mega and super yachts being produced by Nordhavn. These include the N120 and N86 families of vessels. This expansion into these larger segments isn’t all that surprising, given the fact that Nordhavn already has proven competence, when it comes to conceptualizing and crafting vessels with elegant interior spaces, as well as robust hull design. These larger yachts are generally offered with various templates for how the vessel’s space can be laid out, but Nordhavn also offers a huge variety of additional ways for the owner to personalize and tailor the yacht to his or her particular tastes.

One strength of Nordhavn design work is that, while every effort is made to ensure that the interiors are lovely, the company also makes sure that these spaces remain ultra functional and useful, and that the passengers will find them comfortable. The company remains steadfast in building vessels that are built to traverse the seas, in a way that swathes passengers and crew in comfort and beauty, while also making sure that they are protected and secured even from less than ideal ocean conditions and the battering of the elements.

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