Nordhavn 120

What is the Nordhavn 120 Price Range?

What is the Nordhavn 120 Price Range?  - Call 561-776-5848For those who love large masses of water and desire to make their home therein, the new Nordhavn 120 is ideal for you. Her advanced engineering and optimum design gives the spacious and luxurious life you deserve when onboard. Find out more about the Nordhavn 120 price range and the price range of Nordhavn yachts.

N120 houses her owners and up to eight guests onboard with her four king-sized guest suites and an attractive owners’ suite. She is big and strong and at the same time beautiful and suave. Made from the finest hardwoods and intricately finished in style and class, N120 interiors can be made just as you, the owner want. Our team at Nordhavn will work closely with you our client just to make sure you get exactly what you want satisfactorily.

With N120, long passages in the sea are made very comfortable, and the guests experience is made as comfortable as well. Her waterline length has been made a sweet spot as far as wave period is concerned by Jeff Leishman, a Naval architect.

N120 manufacturers offer the highest degree of talent, imagination and experience as they represent commitment to the future while staying true to our roots. Nordhavn 120 is constructed at South Coast Marine, the builders of our smaller models.

It is given that N120 is an ABS-certified world-class yacht for the new generation of enthusiastic water travelers looking for the best thrilling experience without sacrificing their cherished comfort.

For more information on Nordhavn 68 and other yachties, please contact Yatch Tech on 561-776-5848 or visit our website To get more information on the Nordhavn 120 price and other yachts contact a broker.


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