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About Us
YACHT TECH, INC has a complete service and sales facility for pre-owned Nordhavn Yachts offering services unmatched by any other facility with our experience and knowledge of Nordhavn Yachts and Nordhavn Yacht systems.

Our Mission
Redefining Global Nordhavn Yacht Sales. We aim to be the exclusive brokerage destination in the United States providing innovative marketing strategie for sellers and buyers. We know Nordhavns from the inside out!

Our Philosophy
With over 400 Nordhavns built and around the world there are a great number of opportunities available for the adventurous person like you who is getting ready to explore the seas. We can sell your yacht quickly at a fair market price with our strategies.

Our Services
At Yacht Tech Sales our brokers specialize in buying, selling and operation of all Nordhavn Yachts. For buyers, our primary goal is to find the right boat for your needs and your budget. Content marketing, video marketing, optimzation, email marketing & more.

Our Commitment
Get an inside view into our selling strategy. Selling your Nordhavn requires a deep knowledge of marketing and selling in today’s technology oriented society. Contact our sales team today for our exclusive brokerage strategies fit for your Nordhavn.

Expert Team
Each sales associate is a trained professional with years of boating knowledge and hundreds of hours at sea aboard our yachts. We make your buying experience satisfying and strive to build lasting friendship with our Nordhavn community.

Delivering real, measurable results. Your Yacht, front and center.

Showcasing some of the most spectacular Nordhavns in the world. We push your yacht to the largest boat directory and marketing channels globally.

Yacht Tech can provide you brokerage solutions to sell your yacht at a fair price

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If you are considering a pre-owned Nordhavn trawler then ask yourself a few questions…

Does my Nordhavn broker really know the boat he is selling me?
Can he tell me the boats weak points, what commonly becomes a problem, and how much it will cost to rectify?
Has my  Nordhavn broker taken this boat or a boat like it to pieces and put it back together again?
Has my broker performed a sea trial or taken this boat on a passage?

Then ask us.. We will have a more appropriate answer than your current broker..

Nordhavn Yachts are world renowned for their structural integrity and ability to cross oceans, we have cruised around the world on them and we know Nordhavns from stem to stern.

Purchasing a Nordhavn trawler through Yacht Tech, the exclusive Nordhavn broker, is just the beginning as we strive to help you throughout your ownership with an unparalleled level of service and Nordhavn know-how! We sincerely believe that the more you know about your yacht the more you will enjoy it. At Yacht Tech “We know Nordhavns from the inside out”!

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