Stability is Key

When Nordhavn produces and manufactures a vessel, it does so with an emphasis on stability. This means that it provides yacht owners with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the vessel can handle extended distances on the water, without compromising the security of the people on board, or the level of comfort offered by the interior space. Nordhavn is able to offer this kind of guarantee because of its expertise in designing vessels, as well as the fact that it takes advantage of new technology in the field of vessel stability. This means that the yachts produced by Nordhavn don’t just do a little dampening. Instead, major improvements are made with regard to stability, and this kind of benefit allows even relative newcomers to consider long distance ocean voyages.

What is important here, however, is balance, and this is a dilemma that P.A.E. has thought long and hard about. For instance, if too much stability is provided at the initial stages, the yacht will end up abruptly jolting from side to side when the seas become rough. However, if there isn’t enough stability offered at the initial stages, the yacht will tend to roll far too often even when the seas are not particularly rough. Thankfully, Nordhavn devotes much attention to this problem of determining the appropriate roll characteristics for its vessels. There is no one size fits all answer to this and the adjustments that need to be made to get the kind of roll frequency needed are arrived at after meticulous planning, design, and testing. More specifically, the shape of the yacht’s hull, as well as the positioning of its center of gravity, will both have some bearing on the final outcome, and so need to be adjusted with care.

In order to conduct the required testing, Nordhavn runs its designs through tanks, where it becomes clearer whether a particular hull design or distribution of weight will negatively or positively affect the seaworthiness of the vessel. As part of the effort to maximize stability, all vessels produced by Nordhavn are designed to have around 10% ballasts in relation to the vessel’s displacement. This makes it less likely for the vessel to end up getting knocked down, as well as makes it easier for it to right itself in case of rough seas.

Nordhavn benefits from its wealth of experience when it comes to vessels, especially its many years of research and development. Over time, the company has found that certain measures aimed at improving stability tend to work well on yachts. One example of this is the active fin system for stabilization. This is a popular choice because they tend to do a good job when yachts are moving along at common cruising speeds, and the amount of dampening, stability and comfort that these fins can provide is very good, including in relatively calm seas. The effectiveness of this system has been proven time and time again on many Nordhavn vessels.

Another example of a stabilization system used by Nordhavn is the passive paravane or flopper stopper. One of the advantages of this system is that it allows vessels to remain more level and stable when they are in a stationary position, and the anchor is down. In addition, given the design of this particular system, there is hardly any need to regularly maintain it, which yacht owners definitely appreciate. One other advantage of this system is that it can be easily removed and stowed, during those times when the yacht owner would rather choose speed over extra stability. So there is some flexibility built into this system, and it has been used by Nordhavn in its N40, N43, and N47 models.

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