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yachttech_sliced_22There is no doubt that the passagemaker relies solely on its engine for its propulsion as it is a motor-powered boat which means enough attention should be given on selection, installation, and maintenance of the engine. Diesels of today are proven to be more reliable and better than before with the marine diesel engine being considered as the most reliable machine that was ever made in the world. As a matter of fact, these engines’ resilience and reliability is the key to Nordhavn’s goal of providing safe passage to anyone who wants to cruise the big, blue sea with confidence.

Most of the smaller boats offered by Nordhavn are equipped with a single diesel engine though twin engines are installed on their larger counterparts. For smaller Nordhavn yachts, a single engine is sufficient enough to power the boat while at the same time minimizing vibration, noise, and better fuel economy. Also, the maintenance needed for the single engine is half of what is required to keep twin engines working smoothly. Most of the boats ordered at Nordhavns are equipped with single primary engine with an option for wing engine for additional power. The mega-yachts, specifically the N120 and N86, offered by Nordhavn require twin engines to power them up because the diameter of the propeller in a single engine can cause too much underwater draft.

Due to the full-displacement hull’s built-in efficiency, the horsepower needed to power the boat at hull speed is less compared to what semi-displacement, trawler-like boats require. P.A.E usually uses the conservative horsepower rating suggested by the manufacturer when it comes to specifying the horsepower for its boats which is usually half of what other boat manufacturers would say with regards to the same engine. See to it that you compare the ratings of horsepower and keep in mind that full-displacement hulls require less horsepower compared to other hull designs available.

All designs used by Nordhavn require extremely durable and reliable engines that can run for weeks or months and are serviceable anywhere in the world. P.A.E is usually specific with their gear ratios, which are set at 3 are to 1 or more because large and slow-turning propellers are considered the best. All engines have been de-rated to guarantee continuous and trouble-free usage. Specific engines that have low horsepower rating are usually specified to minimize wear, vibration, and noise.

There are some boat owners who have their own specific needs when it comes to engines, and since P.A.E offers customization, it can accept such requests from its clients. Engine brands such as Cummins, John Deere, Mann, Caterpillar, MTU, Lugger, and Yanmar have already been installed on boats manufactured by Nordhavn.


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