What Makes a True Passagemaker?

yachttech_sliced_25People prefer a Nordhavn or any other boat because they consider it as a true ocean going passagemaker. It is different from a recreational trawler. The Nordhavn has the ability to cross oceans and seas without sacrificing the comfort and safety of the passengers. This is the reason why experienced boaters opt for Nordhavn when they need to a boat to travel locally, across the globe or anywhere they want to go.

Nordhavn’s reputation as a true passagemaker started in 1989 when the N46 Nordhavn became the first model to be designed and developed as a deep sea passagemaker. The company managed to sell more than 80 of the innovative hulls, majority of which are still operational and used in all parts of the world.

Then in 2001, Nordhavn became the first boat builder to take one of their products, the N40, around the world. They have made the journey in 27 weeks and has not yet surpassed by any other builder. Actually, none of them has even attempted to journey around the world with one of their boats. Nordhavn has a wide range of true deep-sea passagemakers. Their line has more than 15 models that come in 40 to 120 feet in length.

While there are other builders, that have entered the market, most of their boats have failed to impress experienced boaters. The boats from other builders failed in comparison when it comes to reliability, luxury and durability that Nordhavn has to offer. Boaters know that Nordhavn boats have been made with high-quality construction and materials that will deliver them and their passengers safely to any destination in the world.


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