The Exhaust Designs of Nordhavn Vessels

One of the strengths of Nordhavn vessels is their dry exhaust designs. This aspect of their yachts is the product of much research and development taking place over a long time, as well as rigorous testing and practical application. Because of all these, Nordhavn is able to deliver an exhaust design for its vessels which offers a clean physical setup, that doesn’t make much noise and one which is able to carry out its functionality even in less than ideal conditions. Unlike other yachts, which are outfitted with traditional wet exhaust systems, you will find that the Nordhavn vessels, which run on a solo engine make use of dry exhaust setups, complimented by keel coolers, which are recessed. The exhaust is designed to run in a closed loop, which helps to make it more robust. Here, the coolant for the engine is piped around within a system of tubes located in the yacht’s hull. There have, in fact, also been some twin-engine vessels, which also make use of this kind of dry exhaust setup.

Thanks to the closed design of this exhaust, there is no need to bring in sea water from outside. This design also makes relatively redundant certain components including pumps, valves, the heat exchanger and the exhaust for salt water. Because there are fewer parts, which could break down, such as belts, strainers, impellers, and the like, the exhaust system is less likely to need repairs. At the same time, noise dampening is offered thanks to the exhaust’s isolated installation and the presence of attenuators. This allows the dry exhaust system to get its job done without being obtrusive, and any ventilation is done high above the vessel, where it is out of the way.

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