Quality Electrical and Mechanical Setups from Nordhavn

Yachts need to be built with robust mechanical and electrical systems since they’re expected to work for extended amounts of time, either out on the ocean or at port. This is something that Nordhavn vessels are particularly known for. This is important because salt water is something that can truly have a corrosive or even debilitating effect on mechanical and electrical systems if these systems aren’t designed and constructed to a high degree of quality. Owners of Nordhavn vessels can rest assured that all the systems installed in their yachts meets industry standards as well as relevant rules and regulations. Moreover, the company isn’t content to stop at just good enough. It makes it a point to design, construct and install these systems in ways that go beyond what is required by the regulations, as well as ways that are superior to what the rest of the industry has to offer.

For example, all Nordhavn vessels make use of the best wiring material available in all parts of the yacht. The panels used by the various vessels’ electrical systems are also custom-designed and built in order to ensure the highest compatibility with the rest of the vessels systems and overall design. Owners will have greater peace of mind knowing that there is generally one circuit breaker for each particular piece of major electrical equipment. Nordhavn also brings its many years of experience to bear on looking for ways to create and transfer power throughout the yacht. In certain cases, a yacht will also contain redundant systems for power, as well as parallel circuitry. All these and more have the goal of ensuring that all Nordhavn vessels will be able to operate reliably and independently, even as they travel extended distances across the seas.

yachttech_sliced_25One thing to note is that P.A.E. is a world leader when it comes to the field of hydraulics, and this is very useful because many of the pieces of equipment added to vessels make increased demands on the vessel’s power supply. It becomes very useful to be able to use hydraulics to provide power to various components of the vessel, such as thrusters, stabilizers, the windlass, pumps and more. Nordhavn yachts already come with a lot of equipment as part of the vessels’ standard package, and other items can be added by the company based on the requests and instructions of the user. This is another area where the company’s renowned engineering expertise is very helpful.

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