Construction Details

yachttech_sliced_17Most set sail for leisure and pure relaxation. While you are relaxing and you are in the middle of the sea, you want to be convenient and comfortable. Worrying about your boat and its sturdiness shouldn’t even be an issue. For a hassle-free sailing experience, Nordhavns offers only the most durable materials and construction details matched with exceptionally heavy scantlings. Because of these heavy scantlings, a Nordhavns’ quality is enhanced which makes it longer-lasting and the overall feeling while in the boat gives much confidence. This is also the reason why the resale value of Nordhavns is also higher as compared to others. The part of the hull structure that is submerged in the water is made using a fiberglass that’s solidly laminated with transverse, longitudinal and full-length network of stringers. For more protection during collisions, extra laminates are featured on forward sections, as well as watertight bulkheads and required doors.

Its beauty unmatched and ultimate strength guaranteed continuous fiberglass laminate make up the main decks. Without any joints and for added protection against leaks and cracks, the salon, bulwarks, Portugesebridge and the wheelhouse are separated from each other using a one-piece advanced multi-part mold. Should you be given the chance to observe and explore a Nordhavn closely, one cannot help but take notice of the cabin sides and its hull that are highly polished, 100% tooled, glossy, smooth and simply glamorous. Truly the Nordhavn is a great example of fine fiberglass yacht. More than that, detailing on hardware bases, hawseholes, hatch bosses and even the deck tooling with relieved waterways have been given much care. Its external walking surfaces are also a delight to look at with its fine non-skid diamond-patterned finish.

yachttech_sliced_16P.A.E. specifications were followed carefully for most of the custom-made hardware for a Nordhavn. Only stainless steel of highest-grade were used and to guarantee decades of enjoyment, the boat was built to withstand strenuous use and conditions especially on its lazarettes, windows, deck boxes, hatches, storage bins, and doors. Quality is definitely not compromised, and workmanship is guaranteed to give only the best finishes. For many years, P.A.E. has committed to giving all its customers the best when it comes to material and workmanship. P.A.E. would love for its customers to enjoy decades of service and enjoyment as they sale the seas with their very own Nordhavn.


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