Nordhavn Community

A Community of Nordhavn Owners

At Yacht Tech Sales we welcome you into a community of Nordhavn owners who share a love of the open ocean and the Nordhavn quality of life. When you purchase a yacht with us, you purchase a support group of service, community and like-minded individuals who wish to ensure your safety and enjoyment out on the seas.

We believe Nordhavn yachts are one of the finest yachts on the water, which is the reason we chose them as our specialty. We have cruised many miles on Nordhavns and we want you to be knowledgeable in your purchase. Purchasing a Nordhavn trawler through Yacht Tech is just the beginning as we strive to help you throughout your ownership with an unparalleled level of service and Nordhavn know-how! We sincerely believe that the more you know about your yacht the more you will enjoy it. At Yacht Tech “We know Nordhavns from the inside out”!

Yacht Tech can provide you brokerage solutions to sell your Used Nordhavn at a fair price.

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