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Having looked at hundreds of boats represented by numerous brokers, I have yet to meet anyone I would trust my next boat purchase to other than James Knight. Simply put James found a boat that we wouldn’t have ever been looking for but somehow James knew was the right boat for us. There just isn’t anyone more knowledgeable about these boats than James. These are semi custom boats after all and throughout their production run they continue to evolve. Somehow he keeps on top of every little modification from the factory to the subsequent chain of owners. Furthermore the service he offers after the sale are on a completely different level. Need the boat delivered up north for the season? He’s done it. Something break onboard while crossing the pond? James will be standing key side in Horta parts in hand ready to jump aboard and repair it. Doing an Offshore passage over Christmas and electronic gremlins get loose, James answers the call on a chairlift and proposes a workaround before his skis hit the snow. If there is a question or a problem nordhavn related and James doesn’t have the answer, he has a whole family of owners he can contact day or night to get help. Once you’ve decided to buy a nordhavn I highly recommend hiring James to track down the best one for your needs. Finally, if I were ever to decide to build one James would definitely be involved in the process as well.

Edward Pellar Purchaser Sales & Service July 29, 2019

After a lot of contacts to buy a Nordhavn Yacht and some disappointments, we decided to give a try with Yacht Tech. Well, we should have begin here. James and Paul have been above all wishes. True SERVICE, availability, kindness and knowledge. Once the boat paid and some refit done (Casey, Jason and all the team made a fantastic job) those guys do not run away because they received your money. They keep assisting you. Rob and his Nordhavn biblical knowledge is a life saver when something occur while cruising and James pick up the phone no matter what (i tested it a saturday morning at 7 am in the need of bleeding a fuel line after a mistake.). Do yourself a favor and go with Yacht Tech if your plan is to acquire, use AND enjoy your Nordhavn.

REGALEC N62 Owner July 29, 2019

We traveled to North Palm Beach Florida in April 2017 to purchase a 55’ Nordhavn through James Knight. He was personally recommended to us by a friend who had owned numerous trawlers, and we had also read about James in the Pendana book “Family to Crew”. Our experience through the purchase and orientation of our boat totally exceeded our expectations. We had been looking for a boat for quite awhile and James was able to identify a boat, organize the sea trials and surveys, and complete the purchase process in a couple of weeks. We were thrilled... but this was just the beginning of the service provided by James and his Yacht Tech team.

When we were ready for total hands-on training, James joined us in Virginia and did side-by-side coaching for an offshore three day/night run from Chesapeake, VA to Block Island, RI. Along the way, James patiently introduced us to all the systems and skills needed to run the boat, and we also met many other members of the Nordhavn cruising community during this time.

As we continued up and down the east coast on our own, James was always available for a phone call when we had technical questions about boat systems and operations. His response was immediate and advice was spot-on. We learned so much from him in such a short time.

When family circumstances took an unexpected turn and we had to sell our boat, James and his team were equally gracious and helpful. To sum it up, owning, living, traveling on a Nordhavn is a once in a lifetime experience. Having James and Yacht Tech on your team is priceless!

Karl & Nora Klewiada
Bravo N55-36

Karl & Nora Klewiada October 6, 2018

That's what best describes the culture at Yacht Tech. Starting when we first began looking for a new yacht, we were impressed by the service and attention provided by the sales staff at Yacht Tech. James Knight and Paul Pellitier bent over backwards to find us just the right boat. Their knowledge and expertise with the Nordhavn product line is essential to anyone buying or selling one of these unique boats. You won't find another broker with this level of in-depth product knowledge. Just as impressive is the service side of Yacht Tech. Once again, James Knight's intimate knowledge of the Nordhavn fleet along with his experienced technicians make Yacht Tech our number one choice for service. As soon as our new boat arrived in North Palm Beach, the Yacht Tech crew jumped right on our project list. The experienced technicians along with an extensive inventory of common Nordhavn specific parts makes repairs and refit quick and efficient. More importantly, these guys strive to do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. Thank you to the entire crew at Yacht Tech!

Service, Service, service. N50 "Renegade" February 3, 2018

When I began my search for a boat and needed a yacht broker, a friend recommended Paul Pelletier to me. After a brief conversation, Paul knew what I was looking for. He took the time to determine my boat needs and desires and quickly narrowed my search down to the boats that met those needs.

We spent many hours together searching throughout South Florida for that “perfect” boat. I always trusted Paul’s judgment and relied on him throughout this process to assist me in making an informed decision regarding the purchase of my future “home”. The broker/buyer relationship evolved quickly into a true friendship with Paul. To this day, our families still got together socially and I communicate with Paul weekly if not more. I currently have my boat on the market and again am relying on Paul to assist me in the sale. I know he will do everything possible to sell my boat. After that is complete, I know I will forever maintain a close friendship with Paul and his family.

A great yacht broker, a true friend and a person I would recommend without hesitation if you are searching for a broker.

“A great yacht broker, a true friend and a person I would recommend without hesitation if you are searching for a broker.” Yacht Enthusiast February 3, 2018

My experience in buying a nordhavn was a truly remarkable one. One that led me to buying a vessel, sight unseen, as well as wiring the required funds thousands of miles away to someone who i had never met with nothing less than complete confidence...
Having identified the N55 as my vessel of choice (that part was easy) I set about searching spending lots of my own time ( being a busy surgeon) looking and becoming a little confused and bewildered in the process.

Speaking to a number of owners however the name James knight became a recurring theme.After corresponding with James directly at "nordhavn only" I too became impressed with the sincere and unbiased quality of advice I received.

My search was over; James turned his expert eye to the task and after discussing a number of examples on the market the best vessel was found and delivered to Australia. every aspect of the sale and delivery was seamless and facilitated personally by James.

James knights reputation for honesty and integrity is well deserved. Now almost a year later I remain thrilled with my purchase. Mr knights encyclopedic knowledge of the product means maintenance issues and trouble shooting are as simple as an email to Mr Knight and his great staff.

If you want to buy a nordhavn with confidence look no further.My task is to continue to explore the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef

Thanks James!

James knights reputation for honesty and integrity is well deserved Cairns - Queensland, Australia February 3, 2018

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