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List a Nordhavn 96 for SaleIf you are an ardent boating fan, then you will have definitely heard about Nordhavn and its huge boat line-up composed of small trawler boats and larger cruiser and mega yachts. The main difference between these two alternatives comes in the size and available comfort features. A mega yacht comes with loads of space that offer the owner the opportunity to create luxurious spaces for relaxation and accommodation during ocean cruises. On the other hand, trawler boats are much smaller and come with the benefit one man operation. These trawler boats are great for boating fans who want to keep their trips as personal as possible by maintaining control of the boat without the help of a crew. Mega yachts are not suited to owners who want hands-on control given that they are operated by a crew. Find out more about the Nordhavn 96 for sale in your area.

The new Nordhavn N96 combines the characteristics of a mega yacht and a smaller trawler boats all into one. This highly anticipated installment to roll off the PEA production line lies on the border between trawler boats and luxurious mega yachts. As a result, boating enthusiasts can expect an easy to handle cruiser that may not require a dedicate crew and the exquisite luxury offered by more luxurious mega yachts. This is a tantalizing proposition that has the boating world holding its breath for the first unit expected in September 2015. Orders for N96 are already streaming in just to show how popular the idea is among boating fans.

The N96 is based on the hull and design of the highly successful N86. The idea of producing new models based on older hulls is not new for Nordhavn as we have seen it before. There have been several models in the past which have been produced using the hull design of previously successful models. Since the newer models using older designs have been highly successful even when compared to their predecessors, it’s easy to see that the same will happen with this new model.

Based on the hull of the N86, the N96 comes with larger spaces and is said to allow the owner choose how to decorate the interior of the boat. With more space, it is expected that the boat will also support luxurious décor. This indicates the mega yacht character of the boat. It comes with a larger ten-foot cockpit extension, which provides for an extension of other areas within the boat as well. Other areas that are lengthened include the fly bridge deck and an additional room located on the outside deck.

Continuing with the interior, the boat has enough space to accommodate eight passengers within the VIP area while there are three guest staterooms to ensure that guests are comfortably housed. For those who choose to have a crew on board, the N96 has a separate captain’s cabin as well as crew quarters. These have a separate entrance to ensure that the crew does not come into contact with the passengers where necessary. Just like with the N86, this cruiser allows for personal interior décor as specified by the owner.

The N96 cruiser (nordhavn 96 for sale)maintains the same twin caterpillar engines providing the driving power. The engines are connected to 48-inch propellers through 4.59:1 reduction gears to provide a cruising speed of 10 knots. There is also no change when it comes to fuel capacity, which is maintained at over 26,000 liters or 7,000 gallons. However since the cruiser comes with a longer waterline, you can expect some gains in fuel burn. At 9 knots, this new boat can be able to go for about 4,000 miles without needing to refuel.

Other details pertaining to the machinery used on board the N96 include:

  • A universal AC power system that supports use all over the world
  • Chilled water air conditioning system and an on-deck Jacuzzi for utmost cruising comfort
  • Other technical machinery includes hydraulic bilge pumping and anchor wash downs
  • Central hydraulics with 20 square foot stabilizers
  • A 3,500 pound Marquipt davit
  • Automatic engine room and lazarette fire system for maximum fire safety
  • On board water maker rated at 2,000 gallons per day
  • 50hp bow and stern thrusters among others.

The N96 is a great boat that offers boating fans an opportunity to move up into the realm of luxury mega yachts without taking away the hands-on control they have enjoyed so much from smaller trawler boats. Find out about List a Nordhavn 96 for Sale in your area.

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