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Yacht Tech: Nordhavn 86 for sale listings

 Nordhavn 86 for sale listingsPacific Asian Enterprises has once again outdone them in creating a one-of-a-kind model of Nordhavn yachts. After the unequalled triumph with the Nordhavn 76’s high-tech systems and design attributes, PAE has come up with a design that is sure to keep people who are fond of fishing and sea faring in a bigger and more powerful machine interested. This is the Nordhavn 86 (Nordhavn 86 for sale), PAE’s epitome of power and prestige as exemplified by its improved capacity and performance.

Being a large yacht, Nordhavn 86 represents PAE’s endeavor to enter the market of mega yachts. Indeed, it would leave you the correct impression of being one of the competitors when it comes to accommodating large crowds for sea faring, as its large beams would say so. However, in order for you to appreciate the capacity of the interior aspect, you must experience it personally in order for you to see how spacious the Nordhavn 86 is. The vessel still shows the trademark Nordhavn vibe with its classic design that will surely suit any owner’s character and taste.

The large vessel is adorned with beautiful features which makes it the perfect medium for you to traverse oceans with a large crowd. It particularly follows a ‘structure after function’ configuration that is patterned after a reverse wheelhouse design. This design has been said to be the best when promoting comfort and visibility at sea, making each sea trip a fun and memorable one. Find out more about Nordhavn 86 for sale and other yacht by clicking here.

Although it appears smaller compared to its rival mega yacht models with its 24-foot beam, the Nordhavn 86 can compete with its spaciousness that is amazingly outstanding. On top of this, it can carry a full load of 400,000 pounds which makes it all the more impressive and comparable with other large yachts with at least 100-foot beams.
The vessel can accommodate and entertain crowds with its impressive saloon and galley that measures 36 feet in length. The entire forward/upper section of the Nordhavn 86 makes up the master cabin. The measurement of the wheelhouse, sky lounge and the captain’s cabin sums up to 30 feet in length. Additional rooms are also present to accommodate the vessel’s guests and crew and to provide space for utilities.

The interior is adorned with luxurious materials such as exquisite hardwoods, elegant moldings and raised panels that are mixed with granite countertops, stone floors, and the best lighting and fixtures.
Although the vessel is already a beauty in itself, you can still opt to give it a touch of your own personality by beautifying the interior yourself. It is basically designed for it to be easily customized, so making your own changes should be easy and practical. You can also add some electronics and tenders to make it more complete.

The exterior is made from the most durable materials and is patterned in a classic Nordhavn design that is sure to maintain functionality and physical aesthetic appeal.

It is conceptualized for the purpose of being allowed for ABS certification with +A1 Yachting Service and AMS ratings.
It is run by Twin MTU Series 60 engines with a rate of 600 hp, each being able to turn 48-inch propellers through 4.59 to 1 reduction gear. With this kind of power, you will surely reach greater lengths at sea with a cruising speed of 10 knot while enjoying the comfort, which is provided by its plush interior.

Just like its siblings in the Nordhavn series, the vessel is very fuel efficient as exemplified by its ability to travel for about 4,000 miles before refueling.

It has other equipment, machineries and appliances that makes travelling all the more exciting aboard, such as central hydraulics, 50 hp bow and stern thrusters, generators, hydraulic bilge pumping and anchor wash downs, a universal air conditioning electrical system, a 3,500 lb. Marquipt davit, and a 2000 gallons per day water maker, among others.

If you are looking for a vessel that can allow you to experience a luxurious cruise and share it with a lot of people aboard, then it is about right that you contact Yacht Tech through 561-776-5848 or to reach its website at Learn more about the nordhavn 86 for sale and the best Yacht Tech yachts.


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