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Nordhavn 76 Take 5 Features for the Ultimate Yacht Experience

Nordhavn 76 Take 5 FeaturesThe Nordhavn 76 or N76 is a northwest trawler – type boat that was created for yacht enthusiasts who need a majestic aft pilothouse vessel that carries its own shore boats. Similar to the N62, the N76 has a pilothouse that is designed aft to carry the crane forward and launch the shore boats either starboard or pot side. Considering the specifications and hull form of thee previous N72 model, the main aim of this new model is to come up with a super yacht that can handle the rugged oceans, while still retaining her elegance, distinctive engineering and advanced systems as well as high quality finish

Jeif Leishman is the Naval Architect, who helped design the N76 from the sketches to the factory. He was also greatly assisted by the engineering and design PAE team and also skilled Taiwanese boat builders at Ta Shiing. Many people have been amazed by what this team has managed to create and even the builders themselves have something to be proud in, based on the yacht’s great finish.

Almost a full year had been spent in the mold-building and tool stage of the project. This was aimed at creating many well-polished molds needed for constructing this intricate boat in attractive gel coat fiberglass finish.

The N72 transformed PAE, and the new N76 has completely taken off and surpassed everyone’s expectations. An expert interior designer was given the task of enhancing the luxuriousness of this yacht and completely transformed it to what is now common in the mega yachts. This includes use of advanced engineered lighting, leather, crown molding and the best quality appliances. This has made the N72 glitzier than its competitors. In addition to the new look interior; safety has also been beefed up with tempered glass windows, bulkheads, numerous handrails and watertight doors among various other features required for a safe and comfortable ride. What Nordhavn 76 Take 5 features are you seeking for in a Nordhavn yacht?

Just like the earlier N72, this boat has been constructed in such a complete way that a list of regular options does not even exist. Standard features on the N76 include stern and bow thrusters, wing engine, ground tackle and windlass, TRAC stabilizers and so much more. You only need to add an electronics package, personal effects, and tenders, and you are ready to take your first ride on the N76.

The modernized and highly developed electrical systems in the N76 attain a new degree of sophistication. They allow for easy semi-automatic control of this boat that is loaded with lots of features by one couple or a small team.

Single engine

The N76 gets a unique propulsion configuration that is what you would expect from a Nordhavn boat. The main engine offers 500 horsepower, and it is a highly valued John Deere 6135AFM with a life expectancy of over 20,000 hours that should outlive most people. Keel cooling and dry exhaust are all standard in the advanced Lugger wing engine.

Twin engine

There is also a two-engine version of the N76. Through forethought and cleaver design during the main tooling stage, keel molds designed for the two engines were built. This means they can be easily inserted to the hull mold before lamination. This offers twin keels as wells sufficient protection for propellers and shafts.

Conventional bow or bulbous bow

An N76 buyer also has to choose between the conventional bow and bulbous bow. The two bow configurations can be installed in the hull mold before hull lamination. The choice you make on which bow to use will depend on what you intend to use the boat for. We can assist you in making this decision.

Fiberglass production for a solid build

Different from other boats in the same category, purchasing an N76 does not have to be risky or stressful. This is because it is fundamentally a fiberglass boat with in-built molds on a set production schedule with the help of a highly experienced team that has been building boats for over 30 years. Performance, engineering, and systems are well developed, proven and sold. You can even inspect an existing N76 to see just how special the boat is. Besides just climbing on board to see the interior, you can also request a sea trial to experience the reduced noise levels, comfort, and sea kindliness.

Nordhavn 76 Take 5 Features for a Luxury Boat Experience: Many customization options

You can customize your N76 with features, equipment, and interior décor to fit your desires. Actually, there are no 2 N76s that are the same. They only share high-quality build, factory support, seaworthiness and great resale value. You also get to choose between an aft or forward pilothouse. The choice you make mainly depends on your preferences and whether or not you prefer sleek lines or a more salty style. Based on the record of many buyers, most people like the conventional trawler style of the APH, as only a couple of the FPH models have so far been built. Regardless of the choice you make, you will be getting a highly sought after, luxurious and seaworthy boat that is definitely going to make you stand out from your peers. Get more information on the top nordhavn 76 take 5 features that you are looking for with your Nordhavn Yacht.


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