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Nordhavn 75 EYF - Call 561-776-5848Nordhavn always do what it does best, that is, building a wide array of luxury expedition yachts, and incorporated all of the necessary fishing features as well as rigging usually available on tournament sportfishers in order to create a yacht which can really go after any type of fish. Among the desirable features include a35-cubic foot deep freeze, dual 60-gallon baitwells, enormous fishing cockpit, plenty of gear, as well as tackle storage, with all its rod holders as well as rigging a deep-sea angler would ever want.

The N75EYF is very safe despite rough weather when the conditions of the sea force a slower running speed. This is often the primary drawback to the standard small rudders that are generally found on sportfishers. On top of that, EYF has a 22-foot four-inch beam that allows for a new standard feature of Nordhavn: twin engines. At this point, a single crew is no longer an option. With a cruising speed fuel burn of about 12 to 15 gallons per hour, the N75 EYF sports Detroit Series 60 diesels. This is but a trickle as compared to the standard sportfisher that is built for speed, however, produces noisy behemoth diesels that guzzle 100 to 200 gallons or even more for every hour. Why not exchange your expensive high speed for a highly efficient, four-star luxury and quiet comfort, together with the capability of exploring the premier fishing spots of the world at your personal pace?

Another major advantage of this vessel over the typical sportfishers is that there is no weight penalty for the furnishings and equipment, which make life grander. Jet skis, dive equipment, and granite countertops, you just name it, and N75 has it. In fact, the EYF’s full displacement hulls enable you to load it up with all the things that you need for your fishing adventure, especially if it will last for a longer period of time.

Just like all other Nordhavn yachts, this N75 EYF is a semi-customizable vessel. The interiors may be designed in order to match your lifestyle and taste.

Do you want to view this ‘Sea Change’ yacht? Contact Yacht Tech at 561-776-5848 or visit our website at and see what this vessel is built to perform and what it takes in order to enjoy fishing experience that no other vessel type can offer.


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