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Looking to buy or sell a Nordhavn 72?

Looking to buy or sell a Nordhavn 72?For several years, we at P.A.E had listened to the requests coming from enthusiasts of Nordhavn, including existing owners who wanted to see us build a vessel, which is larger than our 62. After carefully studying the market and understanding the need for a much bigger Nordhavn exist, we worked on the development of the Nordhavn 72. This purpose of creating this model was not just to extend the length of the flagship then, instead, creating a small but super yacht which holds true to the heritage of rugged ocean going of other Nordhavn models while stunning in her beauty, elegance, systems, engineering, as well as the fit and finish.

After several years of incomparable dedication and effort, naval architect Jeff Leishman, together with a complete design and development team of engineers at P.A.E, as well as the Taiwanese builders at Ta Shing, which served as our partner factory, has definitely exceeded their aims with the creation of this Nordhavn 72.

From the very start of this project, we have already known that the Nordhavn 72 would be a vessel, which will bring P.A.E to a higher level. The very stylish interior is complete with granite, crown moldings, leather, soffits, well-engineered lighting, the finest appliances, very exquisite woodworking and many more. Also, the basic DNA of Nordhavn has not been forgotten with this model. There are several half-inch tempered glass windows, handrails, watertight bulkheads, dogged doors, and other features that are important for maintaining safety while operating offshore.

Feature of the Nordhavn 72

The standard list for equipment of the Nordhavn 72 is comprehensive than no regular options list is available. The standard ones include TRAC stabilizers, chilled water air conditioning, bow and stern thrusters, dry exhaust, Marquipt davit, wing engine, and windlass and ground tackle. By adding shore boats, electronic package, and your personal stuff, you’re good to go!

The high standard for AC and DC electrical systems of the N72 reach a new sophistication level for Nordhavn, allowing for semi-automatic operation of this feature packed boat by just a small crew, or just a couple.
The configuration of the standard propulsion of the N72 is classic Nordhavn. Its single main engine is the highly regarded John Deere 6135AFM under the 500 hp configuration with a 25,000-hour life expectancy. The keel cooling and dry exhaust are standard just like the Lugger wing engine.

The N72 is available in twin engine configuration. With forethought and clever design throughout the project’s tooling phase, keel molds for its twin-engine layout were developed which may be inserted to the main hull mold before lamination. This offers twin keels, as well as protection for the propellers and shafts of the twin screw layout.

Another option provided to any N72 buyer is choosing between a conventional or bulbous bow. The hull mold of N72 has two bow configurations, which can be exchanged and are typically set up before hull lamination. The latter, the bulbous bow offers benefits, but it also comes with drawbacks, thus resulting to controversies recently. We will be discussing with you how to use the Nordhavn 72, thus helping you decide which configuration is perfect for you.

After seeing this amazing vessel, it not surprising that we have actually spent 18 months in the mold-building and tooling phase for this project only. Several hundreds of both small and large highly polished molds were needed in order to build the N72 with a gleaming gelcoat finished GRP construction. As a matter of fact, identifying this vessel’s design complexity, Ta Shing has built a new 50,000 sq. ft annex just for the goal of producing these boats in an efficient and steady manner. The factory is able of building four N72s each year.
Purchasing a Nordhavn 72 does not have to be risky or stressful. It is basically a fiberglass production boat that is built in molds on a specific production schedule by a very competent team, which has been together for about 30 years already. The completion dates and schedules are very important to us, and we make sure that they are exactly met or within a few days or weeks. Engineering, systems, and performance are well-developed, solid and proven. You may check currently existing N72s in order to examine the finish and fit in order to get a great feel for their ergonomics. You may do a sea trial on a 72 in order to personally experience the low noise levels, smoothness comfort and sea kindliness of this vessel. Within the safety of the production boat, you can still be able to customize your boat with décor, features, and equipment in order to achieve what you desire. Keep in mind that no two N72s will look alike, but they will all have the same seaworthiness, quality, factory support, as well as excellent resale value. Want to have one now? All you need to do is contact Yacht Tech now at 561-776-5848 or visit their website at for your options.


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