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Norhavn 60 for saleOne of the advantages of purchasing a newer model is that the customer is able to take advantage of more recent improvements to design and construction. As far as new models go, one of the more popular vessels in the Nordhavn lineup is the Nordhavn 60. This yacht offers an excellent and compelling blend of available space and size, pampering and comfort, and an elegant and luxurious aesthetic. All these attributes combined help to explain why this vessel, which is derived from the already top notch Nordhavn 55 base, is such an appealing choice for many yachting aficionados. Learn more about the Nordhavn 60 for sale offerings when you click here.

The common thread that runs through the various descriptions of this vessel is simply “more.” There is more room, more comfort and more luxury. For instance, as far as the cockpit and surrounding area are concerned, the Nordhavn 60 provides passengers with five more feet of space. This additional room will be very much appreciated as the passengers go about their various water activities, hang out, and otherwise relax and enjoy themselves.

That additional space also affects the kind of tender that this vessel is capable of. More space for the tender means more room for jet skis, kayaks, and other secondary ocean rides. The increased length of the Nordhavn 60 also affects the aesthetics of its lines. The vessel ends up looking sleeker, which is something that its owners will also definitely appreciate.

Another more that enters the picture is more speed and more distance. The Nordhavn 60, (and other Nordhavn 60 for sale listings) can move faster and go farther, thanks to the improvements made. The vessel becomes even more versatile thanks to the fact that it can be configured with either one or two engines. This allows for even more variations in speed. Distance can also be improved through the inclusion of an optional fuel tank. This allows for even longer cruises.
Finally, one thing that hasn’t changed is the Nordhavn quality of construction and design. This vessel offers both beauty and comfort, elegance and capability, all in one package.

If you are interested in this vessel, do get in touch with us here at Yacht Tech. We have the expertise and experience needed to find the vessel that you want. You can reach us on our website at or via 561-776-5848. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Contact us about our Nordhavn 60 for sale listings.


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