Nordhavn 59CP the Coastal Pilot 59 from Nordhavn

N59CP the Coastal Pilot 59 from Nordhavn
This particular version of the Coastal Pilot comes fitted with a semi-displacement hull, as opposed to the full-displacement hulls seen in other models. This means that the Coastal Pilot 59 can reach fairly good speeds when going all out, around the range of 20 knots to just under that, but speed is not its primary reason for being. When this vessel is piloted at slower cruising speeds, the passengers will appreciate the smoother and more comfortable ride experience, as well as the engine’s more efficient use of fuel. While this model may not be the fastest one out there, it does have cruising distance going for it. More specifically, this vessel comes with an unlimited offshore designation (CE – Category A). This gives its owners additional peace of mind because this designation states that the vessel can handle very long coastal cruising. Even voyages of up to 1,000 miles will not be a problem. This vessel has the sturdiness and seaworthiness needed to handle that kind of distance.

Of course, there is more to a vessel than just its engine and endurance. Interior accommodations are just as important, in order to ensure the comfort and well-being of passengers. This vessel does not lack in this regard either. For instance, over on the main deck, there is an abundantly-sized galley. There are double sinks and a dishwasher, which should be helpful for any cleaning up that needs to be done. As far as food preparation is concerned, the galley comes with a good-sized electric oven and stove, as well as a microwave. Ingredients can be kept in the included Bosch freezer and refrigerator. Additional food storage is provided by another freezer close to the laundry area. Other forms of storage are also available thanks to integrated cabinets, various sets of drawers, and a significantly-sized pantry. The laundry area is set off on its own, and it comes with a dryer and washer, again from Bosch.

Aside from the galley, this vessel also comes with a well-designed dinette area and an area for lounging. These areas are constructed and laid out in a way, which maximizes the openness and accessibility of the space. For example, the lower helm station with twin seating means that pilot and passengers need not be separated from one another, as is often the case in vessels with elevated wheelhouses. This setup will be very well-appreciated by couples or other relatively smaller cruising groups, looking to spend quality time together. For more straightforward cruises during the day, the setup allows people to prepare meals, lounge around, relax and yet still be on watch while within this wide open and comfortable space. This setup also makes it easy to move from other areas to the helm, and back out, and the space also makes 360-degree visibility very good.

This vessel is also versatile, in that owners can choose to go with a two stateroom setup, or a three stateroom version. Either one will provide passengers with excellent and well-appointed accommodations.

As far as space is concerned, the two stateroom setup offers that in droves. In fact, passengers will feel that they are traveling in a much bigger yacht. Abundant storage is available, in the form of drawers and lockers. Twin seating is included, as well as twin points of entry. This makes the owner accommodation more comfortable, as well as safer. There are also twin sinks available to use, as well as a good-sized shower area. Much bathroom storage is also available, and the toilet area is enclosed for even more comfort.

While the three stateroom arrangement does reduce available space somewhat, it makes up for this by increasing the accommodations available for guests to use. For larger cruising groups, this can be very welcome indeed. Notwithstanding this configuration, there is still a lot of storage space in the form of drawers and lockers. The owner’s accommodation may be smaller, but it still remains comfortable and feels spacious. Whether the two or three stateroom version is chosen, either one will come with a lovely guest stateroom.

Other parts of the vessel are designed and constructed with similar care. There is an elevated aft deck close to the galley, which offers the additional benefits of more protection from the sun and elements. The deck can have its privacy increased through the use of Isinglass and canvas material. Once enclosed, it can also have its temperature controlled through the introduction of air conditioning or heating.

The cockpit is another well-designed location. Boarding the vessel is made easier through the inclusion of a sizable and integrated swim step. This area is also a great place for passengers who would like to try their hand at fishing, or other water activities. It’s also an excellent spot to simply relax.

The vessel also comes with a sizable fly bridge. This area contains a dining table, and can handle seating for up to a dozen passengers. Nearby, there is also space allocated, and an eight hundred pound davit installed, to handle a tender of up to fourteen feet.

As far as the engine room is concerned, similar care was taken with the design and structure. One of the main concerns was ensuring that the vibration and noise associated with the engine would be kept clear of the passenger areas. This separation was done through the use of insulated bulkhead structures, as well as the bonding of the hull, fuel tank and bulkheads to each other. Inspection, maintenance, repair, removal and other activities related to the engine and other gear can all be done without having to enter any of the passenger areas. This was made possible by providing numerous access points to the engine room, as well as making a number of panels easy to remove if necessary.
Ventilation of the engine room is not a problem either, thanks to the presence of several moisture eliminators and blowers. Various intake points and vents are also present in order to assist with the ventilation.

When it comes to fuel, the vessel comes with a 1,100-gallon tank made of fiberglass. Just as with the engine, the fuel tank has been designed to be easy to inspect and clean. Another advantage of this tank is its location in the center of the vessel. This makes it less likely for changes in fuel level to affect the trim of the yacht. In addition, having just the one tank makes the management of fuel that much simpler and hassle-free.

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