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Pacific Asian Enterprises or PAE has spent the last 15 years in developing the Nordhavn line for offshore passage makers trawlers. What propelled PAE to the top of the game are their innovative designs as well as their successful endeavors such as their voyage Around-The-World onboard their Nordhavn Atlantic Rally and their Nordhavn 40. However, the success of their franchise of blue water power yacht is rooted deeply in their unsurpassed sailing legacy that led to the construction of more than 250 sailboats designed for cruising. It was in 1979 when the Mason Line of PAE was first introduced with models ranging from 34 to 64 feet. Find out more about this Nordhavn 56 motorsailer for sale by clicking here.


The company’s interest in sailing was once again rekindled with their latest design, which was a motor sailer that boasts of real Nordhavn capabilities suitable for transoceanic voyages under its own power with modest offshore sailing performance.

Due to the feedback from the market as well as continuous development, the projected 50 feet was later transformed into 56 feet with displacement pegged at 95,000 lbs. and carrying around 800 gallons of fuel. Other features of the Nordhavn 56MS include:

  • Lugger 1066 T engine that runs on diesel
  • Top cruising speed of 9 knots
  • 36-inch four bladed Hudested propeller
  • Flexible operation
  • Unobstructed 360-degree view at the wheelhouse
  • Tempered glass
  • Stylish interior
  • Staterooms for both master and guest
  • Cabinet and spare parts storage

You can boost the sailing performance of the Nordhavn 56MS (Nordhavn 56 motorsailer for sale)as conditions dictate by feathering the propeller. Also, the diesel engine can be run on a low rpm as well as high propeller pitch together with the stabilizing and driving force of the sails for a more economical and comfortable sailing experience.

The Nordhavn 56MS sports an aft deck that is similar to a trawler complete with a sailing cockpit as well as steering station situated forward of the wheelhouse. The sailing cockpit is easily accessible through the side deck on the starboard or port side of the wheelhouse. The Norvdhavn 56MS can still run even with minimal crew as the powered headsails and main furlers including their power winches make things easier for those on board the sailboat.


The interior of the Nordhavn 56MS is well thought of as it combines style with substance to create modest living quarters. The galley is well lighted with spacious countertops and cabinets for storage and cooking. The wraparound settee located at the starboard makes it the perfect dining area while two reclining chairs are placed at the port for guests to sit and observe the view comfortably.

This motor sailer boasts of impressive Nordhavn fit and finish complete with plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems that PAE is known for. Find more about Nordhavn 56 Motorsailer for sale and other yachts.

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