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Found a Nordhavn 43 for sale | Yacht Tech Inc 561-776-5848Jeff Leishman, a naval architect of the Pacific Asian Enterprises, launched the Nordhavn 40 in 1999. From such time, many boating enthusiasts have taken notice of his incredible work. Three years after the boat has been built, it embarked on a journey stretching 26,000 miles or a period of about 26 weeks. During such duration, the boat did not experience any technical problem, which proved its top-notch quality. With such, it has provided inspiration for the building of the Nordhavn 43. The latter also serves as the offering of PAE on its 25th year, marking many years of providing superior boating experiences. Click here to learn more about our Nordhavn 43 for sale opportunities.

This 43-foot boat was not built as part of the company’s aggressive marketing plan. The main goal for bringing such into life is to prove that Nordhavn can make boats that can surpass the quality of the ones they made in the past.

Some of its major features include the following:

  • Two Staterooms
  • Sleeps up to four passengers
  • Top speed of 8.5 knots

Are you interested in this boat? Are you interested in Nordhavn 43 for sale?  If yes, contact Yacht tech now at 561-776-5848 or visit for more details. Talk to us and we will let you know how you can get your hand in this iconic yacht from one of the best makers in the market.


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