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Nordhavn 40 for Sale | Yacht Tech Inc. | 561-776-5848The Nordhavn 40 or N40 has been designed to take people across the globe in a comfortable and economical manner. The N40 is strong, attractive, and rugged. The design has been inspired by the commercial fishing ships. Wherever the yacht goes, she elicits curiosity and interest. People will be asking where the ship has been and where it is heading to next. But even with the N40’s straightforward design, it has attracted a wide user base of experienced power boaters, sailors, and even those new to the boating world.

The design of the N40 was developed by the Pacific Asian Enterprises. It is the smallest among Nordhavn’s ocean crossing motor vessels. But you should not judge the boat based on its size. It has been proven to have an impressive non-stop cruising range that is due to its efficient hull design. Not only that, it has a fuel capacity of more than 900 gallons. With those features, the N40 is able to cover over 2,400 nautical miles at 7 knots. The PAE used a fully stabilized N40 for their Around The World Voyage, and it got good results.

The performance of the Nordhavn 40 can fluctuate depending on the weather conditions. This was seen during the Around The World Voyage of the N40 when it pushed through opposing winds and currents between California and Hawaii. These factors impacted the outcome of the test. But when it experience favorable sea factors in the Western Pacific, the N40 managed to achieve 7.4 knots at 2.6 gallons per hour. In the past, the numbers were based on tests of a lightly loaded boat travelling in favorable conditions.

Aside from the Nordhavn 40’s range, another impressive feature of the boat is its sea keeping ability. The tough ship has been designed to be able to handle heavy head seas without any hesitation. It is able to track down swell as if on rails. It has a high bow that provides additional buoyancy that contributes to providing a dry ride.

Under the surface is its forefoot that has moderate depth, which removes the pounding and offers a smooth, gentle motion. It has a long keel with large rudder that is protected to allow the boat to go exactly where it needs to go. And when it is equipped with Nordhavn’s Towed Passive Stabilizers, side rolls caused by beam seas are reduced. This greatly improves the comfort for the captain and the crew.
Aside from crossing oceans, the Nordhavn 40 can also be used for long range, coastal cruising. With its solid performance in crossing rough waters, the captain and the crew will be confident about their safety whenever they are in the N40. They will be able to handle any type of weather and sea condition with the boat. Looking for a Nordhavn 40 for sale and other yachts for sale? Contact a broker. 


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