Discussion Groups

When you buy a used or brand new Nordhavn, you are also qualified to join various owners’ groups. There are groups for owners of a specific model, as well an overall group for people who own any Nordhavn boat.

Members of discussion groups are able to post messages. One can ask or answer questions posted by other members. There are some technical questions with regards to the boat. There are also some messages that are informational or social in nature. Because of the group discussions, Nordhavn owners feel that they are part of a large family even if they come from different parts of the globe.

The discussion groups are not in any way connection with Nordhavn. A model group is only open to owners of a specific model that is represented by the group. General owners groups are open to owners of Nordhavn, as well as anyone who wants to join. There are groups in which employees of PAE are members. Such group benefits the boat manufacture because they are able to get feedback from actual owners.

If you are not a Nordhavn owner but is thinking of getting one in the future, then you can join the Nordhavn Dreamers group. It is open for people who are interested in Nordhavns. The company doesn’t own or control the group, but they do have a great interest in it. Owners of the Nordhavn Dreamers group are inviting people to register as members of the group. That way they can meet like-minded people who talk about their love of Nordhavn.

Nordhavn Dreamers are for people who want to own any of the Nordhavn models, but are not ready to make the purchase. It is a forum for present and future owners of a Nordhavn. Anyone is free to join the group, which can be found at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/NordhavnDreamers/info.

Nordhavn Owners is a group that gathers all Nordhavn owners from the Pacific to the Atlantic, and anywhere else in between. It is a forum where owners can discuss about their boats and their trips in them.

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