The Yacht Tech Family

Nordhavn Yachts are world renowned for their structural integrity and ability to cross oceans.
It always amazes me that no matter where I travel, be it in the States, Europe or around the globe,
sailors, cruisers and dreamers on the pier seem to be familiar with the Nordhavn brand.
Arrival into a new port is often accompanied by the universal thumbs up by passing yachtsmen or
comments from passers by on the dock about how much they admire your craft.
I’ve cruised many thousands of miles aboard Nordhvans and have learned, often with owners by my side, the ins
and outs of these boats from stem to stern or anchor to swim platform and most everything in between.
In the last 18 years of Yacht Tech Service, we’ve hauled and serviced 100’s of Nordhavns, developing
a strong relationship and bond with our clients along the way.
We don’t build them but we surely understand them and possibly better than most.
Since I was a child, I’ve always taken my toys apart, usually to see how they worked.
Today things are no different except the toys aren’t toys any more, they are somewhat bigger and
peoples lives depend on them. I don’t take lightly what we do here at Yacht Tech and I often remind our
technicians that customers are entrusting us with their life support machines.

If you are looking for a company that cares, a company that knows the importance of the work we undertake
and a company who knows how to prioritize your work list,
Join the family of owners who entrust us with their Nordhavns, join the Yacht Tech Family of Nordhavn owners.

James Knight


Yacht Tech Sales

Purchasing a Nordhavn through Yacht Tech Sales is just the beginning.
We work before, during and throughout ownership to help you understand not only the boat you are buying,
but the purchase procedure, the vessel you have chosen in comparison to other models of Nordhavn
and most importantly with buying an older vessel, how she has been maintained.

You may already know the survey process but ask yourself this:
How well can a surveyor know a boat that he doesn’t see every day.
Here at Yacht Tech, we see and touch these boats and their systems every single day!
We know what to look for, we know where to look and we know how to prioritize the eventual survey list.

Other companies may offer incentives, however the reality is this; few others can offer the level of Nordhavn knowledge
that we have gained during 18 years of servicing the product.

We are relatively new to yacht sales with only 10 years behind us but we certainly care about selling the right
boat at the right price to the right people and since our bread and butter is still the service work that’s made us who we are,
we don’t have to sell a boat to make ends meet!

We love everything Nordhavn so it’s easy to understand why Yacht Tech has become the go-to place to buy your next boat.

We look forward to helping you find the Nordhavn that fits not only your dreams, but your needs and your budget and
most importantly of all, we look forward to being there to help you after the sale.

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