Nordhavn 62

Nordhavn 62

nordhavn62There’s no finer under-70 feet yacht than the Nordhavn 62. It’s aptly christened the best oceangoing, lavish yacht ever designed. This is perhaps what the Pacific Asian Enterprises, P.A.E, had in mind when they designed and crafted this boat. The inspiration to create this boat was conceived after designing the now distinguished, classic Nordhavn 46, which adheres to all the principles of full displacement design as described in the original Voyaging under Power.


  • The 62 boasts an impressive record (perhaps even better than the rest of the Nordhavn’s).
  • Over the years, it has matured to a classic passage-maker (one that keeps cruisers yearning for more and nagging for less long distance voyaging).
  • The evolution of Nordhavn 62 has seen it cruise oceans all over the world for a decade (a laudable feat).
  • Any ocean cruiser that has ever gone on an ocean voyage with the 62 will tell you that it is incomparable and quite exceptional.

Just like Nordhavn 46, it was designed to take owners in oceans around the world comfortably, safely and in a lavish style. It can cruise high seas non-stop in excess of three thousand miles at nine knots. It’s the right vessel you’d want to take your family (and aging parents) in for a voyage around the world’s amazing oceans. What makes the 62 distinct is not just her ship-like looks but also the fact that it’s simple to maneuver. So you don’t to have a support crew.

Put simply, it’s a boat you can put your trust on or as one owner once quipped it is “a luxury boat that just makes sense”. Compared to the large luxury boats with complex systems, the Nordhavn 62 come across as simple hence giving its owners the utmost freedom to go where and when they want to without needing a support crew to guide them. Even at less than ideal weather conditions, the 62 makes the voyage comfortable to all and sundry on board.

This boat makes voyages an experience to look forward to, and gets you appreciating the journey itself. If you’re looking to enjoy the solitude of the open space in an ocean, there’s no finer luxury yacht to make the experience memorable than the 62.

It’s the slowest boat you can ever own but paradoxically, completes voyages fast. Forget the high-powered, semi-displacement motor yachts. The Nordhavn 62 will get you arriving quite refreshed and ahead of schedule. If you need a 62, stretch your coin and contact Yacht Tech. They’ll quickly get you one the minute you call this number 561-776-5848.

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