Nordhavn 55

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model_nordhavn55Based on the successful Nordhavn 72, 43 and 47 models, Pacific Asian Enterprises introduced the innovative N55. This was a full displacement and long a range passage maker, which incorporated the newest styling of the company while increasing focus on better interior accommodation. PAE’s Vice President, Jim Leisham, said that the high popularity of N47 proved that owners are looking for more conveniences and living space without necessarily sacrificing the offshore abilities. Hence, the N55 is designed with the large interior room of a 60 footer yacht, and it also has the capability of crossing oceans and taking owners far across the globe.

The Nordhavn 55 is a highly functional boat

Based on the feedback from Nordhavn owners and PAE staff, the N55 design was meant to offer ultimate comfort while living on board during an extended cruise. The very generous interior space is achieved by a moderately high freeboard and high bow. The design team learned that there are actually many benefits of using more freeboard during the N55 (Nordhavn 55) building process. A higher bow offers additional buoyancy when heading into large seas, and a higher deck will take on far less water in rough conditions. In addition, the extra height offers considerably more volume in the cabin.

Large interior accommodations of the Nordhavn 55

A common Nordhavn feature that can be seen across most of the models, the N55 is quit spacious and roomy. There is a large cockpit and saloon, which are on the same level. By using this design, the living room is expanded significantly, and when you install an optional side curtain, the cockpit now acts like the saloon’s extension. There is a large L-shaped couch and an amazingly furnished teak table that are adjacent two comfy reading chairs. In addition, 2 bar chairs are next to the countertop in the spacious gallery that is positioned two steps below the saloon.

The gallery has full-sized kitchen appliances, plenty storage cabinets and also ample counter space. This will likely please even the most highly demanding chef. Some of the standard equipment in the N55 includes a refrigerator complete with an icemaker, 4-burner GE stove, GE microwave oven, GE dishwasher, GE trash compactor and also a GE freezer placed in a separate utility room.

The stateroom where the owner will go to relax is positioned next to the gallery. There is a king sized berth with 2 hanging lockers. There is also a very spacious bathroom completing with a bathtub and shower that will rival many home bedrooms. The guest cabin is quite roomy with double size berth, office area, big hanging locker and a private bathroom with a stall shower.

Great view from the Nordhavn 55 pilothouse

The N55 displays her more serious side with the pilothouse that looks more like a commercial boat. It is positioned in the middle for reducing motion when riding in the sea. This center positioning also offers additional advantages that include a great visibility around the boat. There is a large size helm chair that ensures the captain comfortably commands the ship since all the controls and electronics are within reach and sight.

Behind the captain’s helm chair, there is an L-shape sitting arrangement and table, which are all elevated so as to provide superior visibility. This area can comfortably sit 3 to 4 crew members. Beneath the couches are large size chart drawers for additional storage. However, the most appealing and surprising feature in this particular pilothouse is the private stateroom, which is complete with double size berth and head. This is best for when you are going on a long passage, and you need your crew to be comfortable also. If you have more guests on board, this room can serve as an extra guest room.

Flying bridge

The Nordhavn 55 (N55) was designed to fully incorporate the flying bridge that is positioned directly about the pilothouse. This particular standard feature guarantees great visibility, and you can also operate the vessel from this point in times of fair weather.

Ability to handle long rage voyages
With a 50 feet waterline, the N55 has a 9.5 knots hull supped and under an optimal full load condition, a long range of more than 1,500 NM. Actually, at only 8.25 knots, it has an astounding range of 3,000 NM. It uses a hull form that is an upgraded version of Nordhavn’s modified full displacement design, which features better aft sections to reduce squatting, especially when operating the vessel at significantly higher speeds. Additional benefits include increased stability and lower pitching motion.

The main engine propulsion is delivered by a strong John Deere diesel engine that offers 325 horsepower. This enables the propeller to turn gradually, which reduces vibration and noise. Of course, there is always that signature element of design on most Nordhavn’s, which is dry exhaust system. This is very beneficial since it removes the requirement for a huge water pump and through-hull, thus great lowering the danger of experiencing failure when riding at sea.

High resale value

The N55 has a robust build based on a timeless design, which both contribute to significantly high resale worth. Buying a Nordhavn boat is actually a very good investment, and this is something that owners of the N55 can attest to. In fact, this particular quality resonated with many boat buyers because PAE took more than a dozen of orders for this boat even before the first one was launched.

Competitive price

Even though each N55 has its own price because of the various number of customization choices of layout options finish details and various accessory equipment, it still has a competitive base price. You are basically getting a high-quality boat with so many features for a great price. This has been made possible due to the boat being produced at a new China factory where labor is highly skilled but with lower costs. The N55 is built in a couple of chosen yard in the far eastern side of the world under the close supervision of PAE personnel.

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