Nordhavn 50

Nordhavn 50
model_nordhavn50Ready to go the distance is the new breed of trawler yacht, the Nordhavn 50. Designed for long range cruises and blue-water voyaging, the 50 is equally at home anchored at a sailor’s favorite yacht club or moored in a stunning harbor. Put simply, she represents the best of both boating worlds – and with no apologies. This boat is crafted with a similar uncompromising dedication that gave rise to the Nordhavn 46, perhaps even better. It is the modern-day long range cruise yacht.


She brings an exclusively special, refreshing and up to date style to the world that’s grown tired of threadbare clichés in the form of conventional yachts.

The 50 is specially designed to cross any ocean in the world owing to its modern style, excellent performance, and distinct sea-keeping abilities.

Her uniqueness is realized by the contemporary, full displacement hull that she bears. While she comes across as stylish with her visual aesthetics, she takes extensive work to design.

The Nordhavn 50 yacht is the work of the Nordhavn design team at Pacific Asian Enterprises, P.A.E, and ocean-crossing designer Jeff Leishman, and it’s no mean feat. Lots of extensive work and tank testing is put into the design prior to the final product can be realized. The level of performance must be high to achieve a satisfying finish that all sailors and power boaters can appreciate as a semi-displacement boat with a refined and pure full displacement hull design.

At the same time, the design should maintain the full displacement design philosophy that all Nordhavn yachts ought to have. If you’re planning to buy a yacht, there are a few pointers you need to consider. To begin with, define why you need a yacht and what you will use it for. Then match your requirements to the boat model you want to the one you need. Scores of the Nordhavn 50 use it for long range voyaging, and they are quite attached to this boat model.
This boast provides safety, comfort and luxury home away from home. So if you have plans that include long distance voyaging, out-of-the-way sea excursions, crossing oceans around of the world or simply discovering new areas at sea, then the Nordhavn 50 is the perfect boat option for you.

It gets better if you’re a couple since the vessel is the ideal size for one. It has the right space and all the amenities to house two people comfortably, at sea. If you’re looking to buy a 50, stretch your coin and contact Yacht Tech or visit They’ll get you what you need.