Nordhavn 47

Nordhavn N47 For Sale

model_nordhavn47When it comes to boating though long distances and even circumnavigating the globe, Nordhavn is one of the most successful brand. Since the eighties, they have been designing strong and durable boats, majority of which have been used by both new and experienced sailors to get around the world. It is important to note that these boats ( Nordhavn 47 for sale) are designed by highly experienced staff to provide enough space for fuel and supplies to last you the entire trip, wherever you wish to cruise. This is especially the case when it comes to the Nordhavn N47.

The N47 is one of the Nordhavn boats that have held up the culture of quality and performance set by previous boats under this brand. Among the discontinued lines, the boat is not known for its highly appealing looks but more so for its performance. The N47 (Nordhavn 47 for sale)  has been said to be a monster when it comes to taming the wild seas and getting its passengers to their destination safely and comfortably. This is a direct result of a hull design with sharp angles, and relatively more height and beam as well. This design is more suited to a work boat but is also what makes the N47 such as success when it comes to ocean cruising.

What to Expect:

  • The N47 has substantial space to accommodate a large amount of cargo, fuel and still have enough space left for comfortable accommodation of all passengers.
  • When fully loaded, the boat displaces around 85,000 pounds.
  • Cruises for around 3,000 miles at a speed of about 8 to 9 knots

The N47 is definitely a ship with off shore prowess and comes with the build and power to flawlessly fulfill its promise to owners.

The Nordhavn N47  and other Nordhavn 47 for sale may not be the most attractive boat out there, but it’s no mistake that she looks as she does. She comes with a crude design meant to help sailors get around different sea conditions while still keeping a comfortable and spacious interior. The capable and solid systems make her a great sea companion that will never let you down. Even as a discontinued line, she is still one of the most capable sea vessels available to sailors who feel secure in a ship like boat. You can visit our website for more about this great boat.