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Nordhavn 35 Coastal Pilot: The Ultimate Couples Vessel

norhdavn35Different yachts will tend to have their particular strengths and weaknesses. While one vessel will shine in one department, it may struggle in another one. In the end, one of the important things to consider is whether the vessel can perform its chosen role, in an excellent manner. The Nordhavn 35 Coastal Pilot will tend to be judged based on one main criterion, and that is whether it is able to perform admirably and comfortably as a vessel for couples. And in that regard, it can be said that when it comes to vessels, which fall within the less than forty-foot category, the Nordhavn 35 does rise to the top. Find out more about our Nordhavn 35 for sale with Yacht Tech, Inc.

One thing to keep in mind, however, about this particular vessel, is that it is no longer being actively produced. This can be a problem for people who are looking to purchase one for them, but, for the most part, the market for used vessels is able to compensate and provide what is needed. Just be sure to set expectations appropriately. Any new purchase of a Nordhavn 35 will involve a used vessel, as opposed to one that comes brand new from the manufacturer.

Again, this particular vessel was designed and constructed particularly in order to cater to the needs and wants of couples. This frame of mind can be seen in the different parts of the vessel. For example, instead of having two or three staterooms on board, there is just the one stateroom, which makes sense given that the vessel will generally see just two passengers. In order to better pamper couples, the interior of the Nordhavn 35 was constructed using primarily luxury materials, and with an elegant aesthetic. In order to make life easier for the couple on board, steps were also taken to ensure that maintenance tasks and work were kept to a minimum. This allows owners to get the most out of their vessel, without having to depend on additional crew members. At the same time, seaworthiness also remained an important factor. In this case, the couple on board will have peace of mind thanks to the sturdiness of the vessel, which is more than strong enough to make its way even in more difficult conditions out at sea.

The single-minded devotion to this particular goal and niche mean that the Nordhavn 35 for sale is a uniquely special vessel. Keep in mind that this is not a vessel, which was designed to fit a particular budget. Instead of having to be limited by such a constraint, the people behind this vessel made sure to outfit this vessel with fittings, parts, and other components which were superior to what else was available. Clients who choose to own such a vessel will know that they are getting the best of what is on offer, in the under forty-foot range. In fact, even if this vessel is smaller than some of the other Nordhavn vessels, it benefits from the same quality of craftsmanship that also goes into larger Nordhavn ships, such as the 62 and 72. This is helped by the fact that it was constructed in the yard that also builds its larger siblings. There is also a lot of overlap when it comes to the people to work on these different yacht models, as well as the physical components that go into the vessels.

There is usually a good reason to explain why a client chooses to forego the larger Nordhavn vessels and instead chooses the similarly appointed, but smaller Nordhavn 35. Some owners, for example, will be couples who feel the call of the sea, but whose previous experience with it was in the form of sail-powered vessels. Perhaps, having experienced that form of seagoing vessel, they may be looking for one that is powerfully self-propelled. Other owners may have already had experience with larger yachts, but who would like something smaller, more streamlined and more intimate. One thing that owners of the Nordhavn 35 have in common is that they are willing to accept and own only the best.

One piece of evidence showing the Nordhavn 35’s unique place among yachts is the high resale value it maintains when sold by its original owners. There are examples of these vessels selling relatively quickly once made available on the second-hand market. In addition, original owners are usually able to get the kinds of prices that they want. This just goes to show that demand for these vessels remains high, especially since they are no longer being produced.

Going into the details, even a quick look at some of the interior furnishings as well as the equipment of this vessel, will show the attention to detail and the willingness to spare no expense. At the same time, design choices were made, which were meant to make life easier and more luxurious for a seagoing couple. Since the various components were second to none, owners would no longer feel the desire to replace an original part with something better, after the purchase. The lighting fixtures, which were installed, for example, were sourced from Cantalupi, which is a brand that people who appreciate fine lighting will know very well. The surfaces of the counters are from the Corian brand. As far as the various surfaces are concerned, there is an abundance of teak, spruce, beautiful varnishing and more. The attention to detail goes further, even to those parts of the vessel which are rarely if ever seen. For instance, Whale Gulper equipment is strategically used to make sure that mundane, messy and downright annoying tasks, such as having to deal with a strainer, are completely avoided. Thanks to choices like these, the owners are able to focus on what is truly important, namely the majesty of the sea and enjoyment of the sea voyage.

Since the one stateroom on board is a key area within the vessel, much thought was put into its design and eventual use. The idea here was to make sure that the couple on board would be able to retire to a space of luxury, and wake up surrounded by beauty. Thanks to the inclusion of a generous number of windows, vents, and hatches, the occupants of the stateroom are treated to a good amount of ventilation and sea air. The various openings also help to ensure that the stateroom ends up bathed in much natural light. Storage is also one of the practical needs which the Nordhavn 35 sees to. There are many lockers, drawers, stands, shelves, and more available so that the occupants will have sufficient compartments and surfaces.

One of the interesting things to observe is that, even if the Nordhavn 35 was not promoted as a vessel for people to use as their primary long-term residence, there were many customers and clients who did exactly that. People have spent not just months, but even years, living on board this type of vessel, and this is a testament to just how comfortable and functional the vessel is while also remaining luxurious.

When it comes to functional equipment, this vessel does not disappoint. Cooking and food storage are not a problem, thanks to the inclusion of a stove with multiple burners, a microwave oven, and a freezer as well as refrigerator. Couples are able to bring and prepare the food that they desire, even on longer cruises. When it comes to moving the vessel around, owners will appreciate the use of electric bow thruster functionality. Actually controlling the said thruster is made more intuitive thanks to the use of a joystick. When it comes to raising or lowering the vessel’s anchor, these tasks are made significantly easier thanks to an electric windlass. The vessel’s anchor itself weighs around sixty pounds and is attached to a length of chain that’s around four hundred feet long, so the electronic controls will come in very handy. The windlass itself can be operated through the use of buttons on the foredeck or a remote control found in the vessel’s pilothouse. The list of conveniences goes on.

Owners also appreciate the protection offered by the pilothouse to its occupants. The windows make use of Diamond Sea Glaze to ensure the required amount of strength and sturdiness. At the same time, environmental and situational awareness are augmented by clearly visible digital displays. This combination of windows and electronics will help to ensure that the pilot remains on top of things.

The vessel is also designed to make it easy to maneuver the vessel even in tighter spots. The steering controls allow for relatively finer adjustments, and engine power can be increased or decreased easily thanks to the use of just one lever. At the same time, the pilot control area offers sufficient space and comfort so that it becomes easier to take a break, or spend some quality time with a companion, even while monitoring things and moving the vessel along.

Again, maintenance is made easier by the Nordhavn 35. Whether it’s the vessel’s head or the galley, both areas have been designed to be relatively easy to keep spotless. And in the event that maintenance or repair work needs to be done in the vessel’s engine room or related compartments, owners will appreciate how things are laid out and how useful equipment is conveniently located nearby.

When it comes to speed, the Nordhavn 35 is able to deliver what its owners require. So, for example, if couples would like to run lighter but faster, they can choose to load fewer belongings and less fuel for a shorter trip. This allows the vessel to run at a quicker fourteen knots. And if the couple would rather cruise for longer distances, they can increase or maximize the amount of fuel on board, bulk up on cargo, and still make their way along at a respectable ten knots. The vessel is versatile enough to meet either need or any other variation in between.
Clearly, the Nordhavn 35 offers a compelling mix of luxury and craftsmanship, all geared to meet the demands and desires of couples with a sense of seagoing adventure. Since this vessel had a limited run, which has already ended, it is expected that there will be even greater appreciation and demand for this special vessel.

If you are interested in the Nordhavn 35, please do get in touch with us here at Yacht Tech. We possess a wide range of experience and expertise on this vessel and others, and we would be happy to assist you, in your search for the right vessel. We can be reached via or through our telephone number, 561-776-5848. We look forward to hearing from you.