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List a Nordhavn Trawler and Mason Sailboats Boat of the Future

Mason Sailboats

List a Nordhavn Trawler Boat of the Future | 561-776-5848

To bring romanticism out of ocean sailors, just give them Nordhavn trawler or Mason Sailboats. These boats are sheer beauties, exclusively designed to sail oceans around the world. If you are an ambitious ocean cruiser or someone who appreciates fine traditional lines, Mason boats will simply appeal to you. Are you planning a voyage around the world? They’re your best option. To date, over two hundred of these boats have been built and counting.

So what makes them so distinctive?

  • They have excellent offshore capabilities
  • High aesthetics values
  • They are meticulously designed and
  • They are also very easy on the eye.

Mason Sailboats are touted to be the most traveled, or rather the finest boats to make the highest number of circumnavigations around the world. Case in point Mason 44. It has been around the globe three times. That’s a small record compared to the five times Mason 53 has been around the world – and still counting *(she’s reportedly doing her sixth circumnavigation around the world). These boats are a force to reckon with, so to speak and the best to have. Find out more about the Nordhavn trawler with Yacht Tech’ Nordhavn listings.

Pacific Asian Enterprise (P.A.E) is the designer behind these gorgeous luxury boats and also the developers behind the finest Nordhavn offshore vessels. The P.A.E team did the Mason Sailboats due diligence by giving them a detailed stainless-steel finish, impeccable gel coat and stunningly beautiful handcrafted interiors. They are simply exquisite to look at. Besides their beauty, they perfectly sail on and off the wind like no other offshore vessels.

That’s why they boast a high resale value in today’s market not to mention incredibly valuable. Mason boats maximize their sailing performance and best of all; they don’t compromise on the cruising comfort hence their high price. If you want to buy a Mason Sailboat, Yacht Tech are the best dealers in town. Stretch your coin and visit for information on where to find them, or better yet, you can reach them on 561-776-5848.

List a Nordhavn Trawler Boat of the Future | 561-776-5848

Even with powerboats ever-increasing popularity, Mason Sailboats continue being the finest yachts of all time. Any serious cruiser with a long distance plan always prefers a Mason to any other conventional boat. Why? It’s been designed and crafted by the best, for the best. You just need to look at P.A.E’s performance record of offshore vessels to appreciate this fact.



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