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Different yachts will tend to have their particular strengths and weaknesses. While one vessel will shine in one department, it may struggle in another one. Read More


For a yacht to earn the legendary status of a modern-day classic, it must have stood the test of time and extraordinarily weathered every ebb and tide. Read More


When it comes to boating though long distances and even circumnavigating the globe, Nordhavn is one of the most successful brandRead More


Ready to go the distance is the new breed of trawler yacht, the Nordhavn 50. Designed for long range cruises and blue-water voyaging, the 50 is equallyRead More


Based on the successful Nordhavn 72, 43 and 47 models, Pacific Asian Enterprises introduced the innovative N55. This was a full displacement and long a range passage maker,Read More


One of the first things that people will notice about the Nordhavn 57 is its aesthetic. This is a vessel which was designed to look modern and contemporary.Read More


There’s no finer under-70 feet yacht than the Nordhavn 62. It’s aptly christened the best oceangoing, lavish yacht ever designed. This is perhaps what the Pacific Asian Enterprises,Read More

Mason Sailboats

To bring romanticism out of ocean sailors, just give them Mason Sailboats. These boats are sheer beauties, exclusively designed to sail oceans around the world.Read More

Featured Nordhavns

We believe Nordhavn yachts are one of the finest yachts on the water which is the reason we chose them as our specialty. We have cruised many miles on Nordhavns and we want you to be knowledgeable in your purchase.



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